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    Incoming Maelstrom Crash

    I poked around for a thread and couldn't find it.

    will be purchasable via JPs in 4.1. The JP prices for commodities is also being cut in half in 4.1.

    Are people really trying to find ways to burn JPs? Because I'm still horribly short on Heirlooms.

    So, expect a crash. My guess is they will tank from 2k range to 200g range within the patch week on my server. Their respective Enchants are going to follow. Good luck liquidating!

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    I'm trying to find ways to burn my JPs. I bought every heirloom during Wrath, so now commodities are the only thing worth getting - But to be honest at their current prices it's barely even worth the short flight to the vendor. I look forward to the halving of their cost.

    Maelstroms are also 2k on my server, but I'm expecting them to bottom at 400-500g two to three weeks after the patch hits.

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    I have nothing else I could possibly purchase with Justice and honor points so I only go stock up on mats when I get near cap so its not wasted gold. But now I will probably keep myself near the cap till prices drop in 4.06
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    I need to burn mine on things. At least I play a paladin, because having collected every single spec of gear from the vendor already and having blown my badges back in Wrath on BOAs, I'm always hunting down new things to buy. I'm considering purchasing another set of Tanking JP items to build a threat set and then maybe a Stamina set.

    I haven't researched it, but I know for a fact you could buy the old raw gems. Cut them and vendor them (counts towards your guild JC achievement, too) for better gold than the stack of herbs or elementium.

    A better use (imo) is to buy Vortex Nethers out of Shat and make the old T5 craftables provided you have access to the patterns. Red Belt of Battle has been, and always will be, the ultimate leveling belt from 70 to 80 (unless you get a Cata Green). Buckle it, socket it, place Epic Strength gems in there, you have a winner. I've never taken a plate wearing alt to 80 without one. Oh good times. I look forward to leveling my 2nd DK and the 4 other warriors I have planned with them as well. Oh crap, off topic.

    TL;DR: Don't forget to make stuff with Shat/Wrath vendor rewards.

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    So the REAL question is how do we 'short' Maelstrom crystals? And I'm talking naked shorts.
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