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    How do I get rid of this massive amount of Inferno ink?

    I've been milling cata inks to trade in to get northrend inks since cata herbs have been much cheaper, what happens is I have a ton of inferno ink left over and making DMC and other 85 trinkets just aren't as profitable anymore. I've been barking in trade chat, offering to trade 1 inferno ink for 9 , So maybe someone would trade to me instead of the ink trader.
    Currently sitting on a pile of 800 , the result of weeks of milling
    I thought about tossing them on the Auction house but they'd just flood the market and drive the cost down (they're already at 60g a piece, down from 200g at one point)

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    I'd look at the market for off-hands and relics. Some of them can be quite profitable, and on many servers there are noone on that market.

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    I usually run into this same problem with since my scribe is only lvl 67 and can't make . I usually try and unload all of it for cheap because the stock isn't otherwise going to get any smaller, market value or not. The best thing to do with them is to consider them a byproduct of your regular business (glyphs, I'm assuming) and calculate their value into your overall profits.

    The problem with viewing them as an individual item is that you will likely regret dumping them for cheap, since you know what they could be worth. The reality is that they aren't really worth that much because of the large quantity. 1 might easily be worth 120g, but 1000 definitely aren't.

    Your system should be about efficiency - you should be unloading your byproduct inks at the same rate you are acquiring more. Whatever price it will take to ensure that happens is your effective market value for the inks.

    Bottom line: don't worry about missed profits from dumping inks. Unsold inks that show up in your mailbox because you posted more than the economy could bear have a market value of exactly: 0g. (minus deposit costs )
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    I'm in the same boat, I'm sitting on about 1000 Inferno Ink and now the BOT/Farmers have expanded from the Ore to the herb to the Ink market and all of the inks including the Inferno Inks have crashed. I'm waiting for the Ban wave....



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