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    Getting into Glyphs

    So I am now finishing power leveling my Inscription in hopes of expanding into the glyph market (currently in the JC / Enchanting / Tailoring / Alch markets).
    The problem is I can't seem to find left from right with the mass amounts of diffrent glyphs available and dont have the slightest idea on how to start.

    Any tips on how to get into the market, what trends to watch for and what glyphs are usually profitable will be highly appreciated.

    I am on Europe, so no TUJ for me.

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    Best thing I can think of is to download TradeSkill Master(TSM), read up on some of the guides around here to figure out setting it up, then go from there. It does a really good job of figuring out how much your glyphs cost you to craft and which ones you can make a profit on.

    It's seriously easy. I actually started using it for my Jewelcrafting, while at that time I hadn't made glyphs in a year. After a week or two taking care of JC with it, I decided this was so easy I was going to jump into glyphs with it and haven't looked back.

    As far as which glyphs are profitable it's going to vary by server, of course. Normally the safest bets are the ones you learn via research or Books of Glyph Mastery.

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    An identical thread about it here; First-steps-into-the-market..
    Every friday I post some statistics on what/how much I've sold the last week; MySales Weekly Statistics
    Are you prepared to supply those pets in 4.1.0? Check out my full list of sellable pets, and their rarity
    If you wonder how you can optimize your goldmaking with addons, look no further!

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    I still haven't implemented TSM, but it's on my short list of things to do.

    However, I had a backstock of ink that was sitting in my Scribe's bank that I traded just prior to 4.0. What I did was install/enable Lil Sparky's Workshop and then do a GetAll AH scan.

    I then sorted by ink (type the specific ink in the search field of your Prof window) and scrolled down, looking for higher glyph prices. While not foolproof, it worked quite well. I limited myself to no more than 3-4 of any single glyph (depending on how much ink I had) and tried to spread the inks across every class as much as possible. I ended up with about 40k in sales when all was said and done.

    I am not dismissing TSM by any account. I'm just telling you how I did it.



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