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    Inferno Ruby Crash

    I am on an extremely full and active server, Inferno rubies have literally crashed to 20g a piece. I have approximately 200 stockpiled from "free" shuffling rares. I'm wondering if I should stockpile more for 4.1 red socket additions or not?

    TUJ link:

    Edit: not belts* the new red sockets.
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    Depends on what you want to do. 20g each is just... well... you know. It may not be a good time to sell.

    An option, a risky one, is to buy the cheap ones, but you are sitting at a large stockpile as it is. You need to ask yourself how big your server is and how the demand will be at 4.1.

    Also, did you check sending them cross faction to sell? It may be worth it to check out. TUJ says they go for 40g each.

    Another thing to think about is cut gems and how they are selling.

    I would buy, cross faction them, and profit while holding a lot in stockpile for 4.1.

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    Same happened to my market two weeks ago... Now they normalized at 80g for cut gems (brilliant and bold). Just stored my infernos and bought some cheap ones.

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    Enough ore under vendor floor will lead to cheap inferno rubys.

    Like you said they are "free" to you for shuffling so likely they are to everyone else. You can either continue to sell albiet at worse margins or wait for the ore supply to dry up and the prices should go back up. I would likely wait a couple days to see what happens as the prices can't drop much more at this point.
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    Looks like the profit margins are still decent. Are you still selling cut gems? Even if they're not selling for as much as you'd like, good profit is still good profit. You could always attempt to reset a few markets too. As long as you can sell off what you bought or at least sell enough to cover your investment before people crash the prices again, this can be a possible option for you.
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    Inferno Rubys are one of the few markets that are worth controlling for just a few hours pre and post raid times on your server. Well, assuming you're willing to control the uncut gem and the three main cuts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herf View Post
    Inferno Rubys are one of the few markets that are worth controlling for just a few hours pre and post raid times on your server. Well, assuming you're willing to control the uncut gem and the three main cuts.
    Totally agree.
    I do this every evening and it doesn't require a lot of effort to control the ruby market for a few hours, and the profit is HUGE

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    I anticipate the same thing happening to our server soon, since our obsidium ore has gone down to 30-35g. Inferno rubies are still 120-140g on our server, so I just unloaded 200 inferno rubies at 80g/each, which were all bought out in a day.

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    I'm on the same server as the OP. There's a good margin between uncut and cut inferno rubies, but they move glacially slow because so many people are playing the cut-shuffle game. I usually list a single ruby when I get up in the morning, and another when I get home from work, and they're both undercut half a dozen times and don't usually sell.

    It's a slow-moving, heavily competitive market right now because of the crash. There's a huge volume because bot farmers absolutely OWN our server economy at the moment. Elementium rots on the AH at 30g a stack.
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    250 Uncut rubies last I checked, so I can feel your pain. I let my stock get that high because until a week ago, my server wasn't seeing ore under 60G often enough to affect gem prices and I almost never saw uncut rubies in the AH for what I considered a reasonable price (90G or less). A week ago, we started seeing the kind of ore prices that everyone else was seeing, so yesterday I decided it was time to liquidate some inventory before I took an on-paper loss on it. Well, you know what they say about you can't time the market. Literally overnight, the typical bottom buyout on those went from 110G down to 60G. And yes, that overnight was the overnight I was thinking about liquidating, not trying to do it.

    Then again, someone (not me, though I was tempted) bought out what was there, and the price went back up, though I doubt for long. I don't have the confidence to try to predict the market, so I'm trying to sell what I can at what would have been a good price before the crash, rather than trying to get competitive about restocking and risk running out of inventory.

    250 Uncut rubies, and yet I ran out of dream emeralds yesterday because while they're cheap, they're not far enough below the cut gems on a regular basis for me to feel comfortable, since having those auctions expire is fairly common.



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