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    AuctionNinja - any way to...


    I just had a Hyacinth Macaw snatched off me when sending it across to the Horde side. I got one across safely (by using Snatch), but the second one was taken by a guy using AuctionNinja.

    I know he uses AuctionNinja because he told me. Now, i looked it up and see that it is not maintained anymore... so i'm wondering if there's any bugs in it that i could exploit to mess it up for him? He's taken this object + 2-3 more argent pets...

    Any ideas?


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    Based on what my understanding of the mod, you need to price higher than a silver. You could, I suppose, bless him with a bunch of worthless greys and see if he just clicks accept on all of them... but that could backfire on you.

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    The way the addon works, they set a threshold price and the addon scans the auction house. Since the neutral AH is usually inactive scans would only take a few seconds. It would then return everything under the threshold price like Auctioneer does and there you have it.

    As the previous poster said, short of filling up the auction house with low priced worthless items to slow down his scan, you won't be able to beat the addon. Try using TUJ (or even adding him to your friends since you seem to know his character name) and do your transfers while he isn't online.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peroxide View Post
    do your transfers while he isn't online.
    But remember that most people recommend you use the remote auction house for sniping or posting since you don't have to be online (and thus visible) to buy/post. I doubt it works but I even read a suggestion to hire someone to kill all the auctioneers; the theory being that you are not protected from RAH players but old-fashioned people at the NAH can't snipe without auctioneers.

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    Auctioneer will do this as well with Real Time scanning. You can modify the LUA file to have it scan every 1 sec and then by configuring for easy buyout on only rares and above you don't have to worry about someone putting up trash.

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    Maybe try 100g or something? he most likely has the buyout limit set rather low to filter out crap, and taking a hit on 100g or even 500g isnt really that bad.

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    Yes, if you raise the buy out price above the vendor price, generally it won't set off any alerts. They might have it plugged in though to detect a certain item below a certain price though.

    Of course, you really should just modify the .lua file for realtime scans.

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    Does anybody know how or where I can configure auctioneer that while real-time-scanning it shows only rares and above?

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    Does anybody know how or where I can configure auctioneer that while real-time-scanning it shows only rares and above?

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    You transferred expensive items while a character called "AuctionNinja" was online in one of the three neutral AH zones, then you deserve to get sniped... Next time you will scan who is online before transferring.
    Additionally, you greed got the better of you. Why did you transfer it at 1s when you could and should have done so at a higher cost, such as 100g or even 1000g. The AH cut is nothing compared to the risk of being sniped.