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    Guild perk, Mobile Banking

    I have seen others on this forum mention they've invited people to their bankalt guilds just to see how the "when a guildmember loot this, % of that would be deposited to the guildbank"-perk would work out. I decided to do it for some other reasons.

    When your guild reaches [achievement]4943[/achievement], you can buy for 10k gold.

    When your guild reaches level 11, [spell]Mobile Banking[/spell] is available. This gives you a spell that will summon a chest that gives you access to your guildbank. Its on a 1h CD. This would be very, very sweet on a bankalt. I will let you know how this turns out, I just started inviting random people to the guild :P I closed the access to all gbank tabs, and changed the name of all ranks to "member". I called the guild a leveling guild, that will produce some guild XP hopefully. Every member can invite to the guild, I'm hoping for a snowball effect after a while.
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