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    Question How do I get reliable market data on an EU server?

    I'm currently using MarketWatcher to get an idea of how prices move.

    Since TUJ isn't available for EU servers and I'm not skilled enough to code my own private version I have to rely on ad-ons. But the minimum price recorded on 2-3 random times during the day gives vague results at best. Tracking more often (or more items) is also not an option since the ad-on will crash if the the database file becomes bigger than 30 MB.

    Embersilk Cloth (uploaded with

    I understand that a lot of you use the Auctioneer suite to base your investing decisions on. I can't say that I don't like Auctioneer since I haven't tried it yet but it doesn't strike me as a particularly user-friendly or concise ad-on. It begins with the official homepage's last entry being from christmas. I didn't even own a copy of WoW back then.

    So if I were to use the beast of an ad-on that is Auctioneer: (gee why does it need all those modules?)
    What version would I use: Release or Preview?
    What method to scan the market would be most accurate/effective: Continuous live scan, fast scan every 15 minutes?

    I'm toying around with the idea of having a computer run 24/7 doing market scans. But would that even help me or the ad-on, since I can't view it graphically anyway? Does it have the same database limitations (like MarketWatcher, see above) and maybe just throws data away earlier if I did that?

    I guess I'm basically a little disappointed that the game itself has no proper statistics, like EVE Online for instance, and am trying to find the best workaround.

    If you could share your best practices for living without TUJ (or how to build your own little private version) I'd appreciate it! :)


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    If all you are looking for is pricing trends, I have a couple of suggestions. First: the US TUJ just enabled a feature that compiles the entire market value for all US servers per faction. This data would obviously have some degree of relevance for you.

    My other suggestion would be to find a US server or 2 that had the same features as yours (PvP/PvE and population size) and had a similar economy to yours and track it/them.

    I know it isn't ideal, but I hope that helps
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    I think i'm going to sound slightly up my own arse here but i simply use experience. I have tried using market watching addons and they do help when you first start out but i have found my experience soon takes over as it is a much better judge.

    I sometimes use market watcher when moving into new areas to get a lay of the land but it's usually pretty easy to spot any trends within a market and i soon abandon wasting my time scanning. If i was in your position i would stick with market watcher and simply save and/or delete my data before it crashed. You should have enough info to work on by then to not need to rely on an addon to tell you a markets trends.



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