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    Unhappy Nasty camper. Looking for advice

    I just found this site via a blogger in the auctionhouseosphere, and first time poster. I'm looking for some advice to deal with a particularly nasty auction house camper.

    I've been competing with this individual in rare gem sales, and it's gotten particularly vicious. Today, he literally would speed camp me every time I tried to post(almost bot-like speed). So after dealing with this for about 45 minutes, I posted in trade my jewelcrafting offer to sell gems for 10% off the AH prices if bought directly. Within maybe 20 minutes all of a sudden gems started appearing posted under a toon called XXXXXXgay (replace XXXXXX with my characters name). So the speed relisting continued for oh about another hour before my raid, so I relisted kinda low and went off to raid. I come back and naturally all of my stuff has been relisted and the character was left afking in the Org AH.

    I reported this as a personal attack and offensive via a ticket, and I got was that this was escalated and a survey.

    I'm at wits end. I slashed the prices to very very low on 48hours in relatively high quantities. The camper hasn't bought me out yet.

    Any advice would be so greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

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    I'd say don't worry about it for a while. Botters who lay low can last for a long time. Players who blatantly harass other players tend to get some swift attention from the GMs. I would wait a week and he'll likely be banned and out of your hair. If he doesn't or you don't want to wait you could always make a throwaway alt to post auctions on.

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    Assuming he sticks around after his ban...

    When you posted kind of low and he bought out/relisted them were you making a profit still?
    If so i would keep posting at those prices with the specific intention of him buying you out to try to force him to spend a lot of his gold.
    You essentially get guaranteed sales so have nothing to lose while he is stuck spending endless amounts of gold trying to control the market.

    If your lucky he will get put off by this and rethink about being 'clever'.

    If he isn't scared off by this and changes tactic to constantly undercutting rather than buying you out then do a spin on what you already did which is see how far you can drive him down before he stops posting.
    You will then get an idea of how low he is willing to go and if you can drive him out while still making a profit.
    When doing this post a single gem each time for 12hrs only so you spend as little gold as possible finding out.
    As long as your still making a profit drive him down as low as he will go. If it becomes unprofitable then don't waste gold on trying to get him out let him stay at the dirt cheap prices so he takes the hit to his bank balance and not you or if he puts prices back up then start over again.
    It's then just a matter of who gets bored first.

    While it may sound fun, don't get into some kind of war where your trying to outspend him because it's not worth it as your spending gold rather than making it. Your aim is to make him spend as much gold as possible while you spend as little as possible.

    If your willing to be persistent i would guess you would win in the end by being smart and cool about it as you obviously rattled him quite easily by advertising in trade and getting him to open himself open for a visit from the ban stick.
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    Hmm tough one, the usual advice here is to not engage in war on the AH itself as that can be very detrimental to profits, which you don't want (unless of course you enjoy a war on that front, & if thats the case then go hard - enjoy yourself XD )

    Bear in mind he's trolling you. He wants to upset you, and if he thinks he's succeeding it'll encourage him to continue & escalate the activity. Ignore the trolling. Remember that people who are nasty on the internets are usually using it as a proxy to compensate for their own real life deficiencies. He's taking your AH success as a personal affront - as if you beating him here is a real threat to his - iunno - self esteem? So he's getting down & dirty & questioning your sexuality, Mom jokes are most likely next. He's clearly an emotional retard, also not very creative.

    OK so you're armed with some emotional intelligence - you're approaching it rationally & seeking advice & other perspectives in search of the best course of action. You're set to win (you already have won the battle of egos). But just quietly keep searching for ways to beat him at the AH game too. No urgency, just have patience & keep researching how others have tackled the same situation & won - you'll work it out, use all the resources you can find, blogs are great for this, you most definitely have the intellectual & emotional advantage here.

    I'm gonna leave the actual AH strategising to Goblins more experienced in this kind of issue, but I just wanted to say that.
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    Sorry all for being unclear, and thanks for the replies. I mean to say that he was cancel/reposting his stuff. I spent a good deal of time lowering quantities and goading him into heavy relist fees. And yes, Im still making a profit largely due to the fact elementium prices are rock bottom on my server to the point I only cut and vendor 4 colors of green gems and still make a bit of gold, using the reds to DE spikes, purples in 3s on nightstone jc daily quests, and of course all the rares.

    I posted my auctions for 48hrs at way low(but still profitable) prices, so I can take a break from this action. I have other steady sellers with other professions to keep me busy, but I like JC sales largely cause I find figuring out trends in that area interesting.

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    Do you know if he's actually online or already running his ban as he may not be undercutting due to not being online?

    If your able to floor him while still making a profit i would still try to find out how low he will go so you can floor him out while still posting as high as possible to maximise your profits at least.

    You can then try posting a few gems at normal prices each day or every few days to see if he starts posting again and if he does just floor him again until he stops posting or at least stops camping the AH.



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