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    How do you all deal with bots?

    How do you guys deal with AH bots?

    So if you report a bot via a ticket, is there is good chance that it will be banned? Or is it just a crapshoot? I'm trying to break into the glyph market on my server and there are these 3 toons that I suspect are bots that are making it very difficult. They all have similar names ( Baselindruid, Baselindk, Baselinfail) and they are all unguilded level 1 toons. They are never online at the same time and when one logs out , the other logs right in. Obviously the same bot, person, etc. It posts glyphs and only glyphs, hundreds per day every day. It will post like 10 glyphs of the same kind, at like 5g each, when everyone else is selling at like 70g and the mats are like 25-30g... I think it does that simply because 1 person posts 1 glyph at a low price. How it makes money like that I have no idea. I would buy them out and repost, but they deal in such large volume I would probably have to buy 100 of them a day just to make it work and I'm not ready to go that heavily into glyphs ATM.

    What do you think the chances of getting this thing banned are? How often should you report them if they are still around after a while? What would you guys do with something like this?


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    I reported bots all the time in BC, they never went anywhere. I have not noticed any since then.

    If you really want to try I would report every time you saw it.

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    This maybe a tad OT but I am just curious as to why it would post for so low. Maybe it's just trying to launder the gold?

    Somethings that can be done; Report it of course. Need to just chain report it and get friends/guildies to do the same. Another option, a little trickier, is to solicate an opposite faction player (probably a rogue) to come in and kill it. This may mess up the scripting and it may be unable to log back in until someone manually resets it.



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