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    Advice needed - ilvl 359 BoE epic prices and 4.1

    Right, so now that 4.1 has hit the PTR, I am wondering what to do with a couple 359 BoE epics I managed to snatch on the AH:

    The Ring is currently BiS for Rogues pre-raiding, apparently.. not sure about the Tome though.

    I am wondering if I should try to get rid of these ASAP, or wait and see what 4.1 does to item prices. Advice?

    Also, first post but I've been lurking for awhile. Great guides, threads, and goblins here.

    EDIT: Thanks to ExtremeEagle for the tip on item link syntax. Fixed.
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    IMO they may take a slight bump since lazy people will opt for a piece from the new heroics. However, because of the lower ilvl on those pieces, if an item is BIS pre-raid now it should still be after the patch. I might be inclined to lower my price a bit if I was trying to sell them, but I wouldn't jump on any offer just to get rid of it.

    The Tome is a pretty nice piece. If I have my facts straight it's pretty much the only 359 option for resto druid/healy priests until Twilight Council in BoT which is a difficult fight for some.

    You can make item links by using (item)item number(/item) just replace () with []. For example, the Tome's number is 67149 so it would be (item)67149(/item)

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    As far as I'm concerned, as a rogue, the ring is a very solid choice. Our best stats are Hit > Mastery > haste >>> everything else. So the ring should still be worth some handome coin come 4.1.
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    Thanks for the replies so far.

    I guess what I'm concerned about is whether or not to discount now in hopes of selling them and getting a higher price than after 4.1, or continue marking them up slightly and risking not selling them before 4.1. Currently the ring goes for around 20k, the tome slightly lower for around 15k (acc. to TUJ). I am just wondering how much of a price hit these are gonna take from 4.1 - might be worth selling the ring at 18k, for example, if the price is gonna drop 5k or more after 4.1.

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    It all depends if they release another BoE epic ring which is an upgrade or not. If they don't it will still be a healthy choice for anyone looking to upgrade their Ilevel so they have access to higher tier BoP items and an even higher Ilevel is going to be more important than before.i.e. you can get away with the rare jewelery procs at the moment but they are going to be sub par once the average Ilevel increases.

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    Yeah, without knowing the full loot tables of new stuff in 4.1, we really can't tell you.

    But typical BiS items remain through patches unless Blizzard did some really poor itemization and has to make up for it.

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    From a Resto Druid's perspective the value of depends on raid size and role.

    For a 25s raid healer it's not very appealing, Druids in this role will be scrambling to hit the 2005 haste breakpoint, and there is a Justice Point off hand available with haste. For pre-raid geared druids in this role it will be worth sacrificing the Intellect on a higher level item & using the JP off-hand in order to hit that haste break point. These guys aren't in your market.

    For a Druid tank healer or else a Druid 10's raid healer the mastery on is very nice, so these guys might well be happy to pay up.
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    I'm being extremely cautious with the BoE 359 market currently until they release the 4.1 353 loot tables. But even once they are out i don't expect prices to all of a sudden drop down since the general public doesn't pay attention to stuff like this until it's on live servers so you'll still have until 4.1 goes live to make maximum gold off any BoEs you come across. I plan on doing a small right up of the sorts once MMO champ data mines and releases the drop tables so keep your eyes peeled
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