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    Apportioning AH duties to different alts. What's your system?

    I was wondering what system people use for apportioning auctions between their alts.
    As a neophyte, I am slowly, steadily building upon my inventory. I read here that Sterling has around 800 auctions up at any given time, so there's something to aim for XD With my current 300 auctions up at any given time, I've found it necessary have a number of different AH alts active to handle different sides of my business, mostly due to bag space limitations, but also to make juggling my inventory easier.

    This is how I go about apportioning auctions between alts:

    Alt 1 JC/Insc: The toon I will cancel/undercut on. Mostly Glyphs & Enchanting Scrolls, also the snatch list toon. This is the toon I am most commonly found on (apart from my raiding main). I BG on this one & cancel/repost between queues, or (most common scenario) I am afk/logged in to dissuade the competition from bothering to undercut.

    Alt 2 - JC/Engi: Auctions I never cancel or undercut - mostly gems, I don't find it necessary to undercut with these, they sell at a good pace regardless. I usually post twice a day from this one - once before I do the JC daily in the mornings and again in the evenings (unneccessary but I like to collect & count my earnings in the evening so I may as well do a second round of posting then too).

    Alt 3 Alch/Ench: Again, auctions I never cancel or undercut. These I tend to not bother cancelling/reposting either because I consider them to be marginal parts of my business (eg Netherweave bags, Enchanting Rods etc) or they're non-gem miscellany that sells regardless of whether they are lowest priced (eg enchant mats, leg armours, other bags) or they're high deposit items I don't wish to cancel/repost unneccessarily (BoEs etc). Posting once a day when I log in to do my daily transmute.

    I am very interested to know how more experienced auctioneers handle this.
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    I peak at a little over a thousand auctions at a time on some days according to TUJ, right now i have 916. All from one one toon. I just usually don't cancel and don't craft much more than I can post, and have those new embersilk bags, plus some specialty bags on hand if needed.

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    i wouldnt say 'more experienced' but...
    Avlox - JC gems / raw enchanting mats
    Peilan - Enchanting Scrolls / vanity pets
    Draccux - Jewelcrafting rare(blue quality) item procs
    Glyphs - everything inscription
    Zorthic - Blacksmithing mats and items
    Taeldor - Tailoring (Bags and Deathsilk items)
    Retiree - Alchemy pots / flasks / living elements proc's
    Berkmal - Lower Level leather (strictly flipping leatherworking, but cheap/ sell medium)
    Business - Bank alt - Everything else...
    Horde Alt - unused at the moment, did the occasional neutral ah flipping of horde vendor items, too roi inefficient so left this 'market' - My WoW blog, AH/Economy related.

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    Same as Xsinthis. I have anywhere between 300 and 1,000+ auctions up at any given time, all with a single char. Makes it much easier to keep an eye on things.
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    Both methods have different benefits really.
    e.g. having a single poster is good if your constantly reposting but if your a fire and forget poster then having it spread out can be a lot better as you aren't sitting around waiting for the mail box to refresh all the time. You have to swap to those alts to restock anyway and don't have to waste time (and copper if you mail goods) transferring goods over to sell. If you keep a large stockpile of goods to sell on your banker then it can be better as well but that generally means a specific GB just for storing goods to sell.

    It all depends on your set up really and what you do as what is best.

    Generally i have 1-2k auction up at a time and use a combination of the two, having mostly certain alts for specific types of goods but also a specific banker for selling all my bits'n'bobs.
    As i mentioned above, part of the reason i keep it spread out is so i don't end up camping my mail box all the time, even with things i tend not to cancel to repost and instead have extra stock to simply post those unsold auctions will eventually expire and load up my mail box.

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    The main way I use alts for AH duties is by having 2 accounts. Main horde toon stays in org, have a horde alt at Gadgetstan AH, alliance alt at bootybay and another at stormwind. Making use of the ingame mail system it is then quite possible to buy an item in the horde AH and have it over in SW in around 2 minutes

    I also have a alt who just sold faction vendor pets and recipes, mainly as I was interested in seeing exactly how much gold per week I was making from it so didnt want my main toon getting the gold.

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    I keep stuff separated. One toon handels all gem sales, one handles all glyph sales, one handles all gear, dust, essence, & leather sales. Just rolled a dedicated bank toon to purchase all mats, and re-purposed another to flip.

    I have 5 bank toons. The main reason is simple - Bag Space. By separating my toons into these groupings, I make use of profession bags. More bag space = less trips across Trad or Dwarven District to the bank = Less time spent at the AH. Also - Same as what Fluffy said about mailbox refreshes - I never wait for 'em, instead I log over to another toon and do some work there. Saves me an extra 15~20 seconds that's I'd otherwise spend waiting on a mailbox refresh.

    Posting with multiple toons also makes you harder to track on TUJ, and keeps you under the radar of the Top Sellers list.
    Retired - I blame Kathroman for everything.

    (that's a joke, eh)

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    Posting with multiple toons also makes you harder to track on TUJ, and keeps you under the radar of the Top Sellers list.
    Although this isn't specifically a factor for me and other EU players at the moment as we don't have TUJ it's still a good point to note. You don't need TUJ to point you out as a big player and the more you get noticed the bigger a target you become, which means you spend more time combating people targeting you and less time making gold.
    I always try to stay below the radar as much as possible so i generally get left alone to do as i please and don't have to worry about people doing things like reposting as soon as i log off as their tracking me for example.
    It's inevitable you will get targeted at some point but reducing that as much as possible, while a bit boring, is a lot better as playing games is generally not the most effective way to make gold.

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    This is an interesting one for me because I'm just about to do a major reorganization...

    Currently, each toon handles posting for its own tradeskills, and my bank alt is storage/vendor resales (I still have moral foibles with this, hence its not done on a toon that is in any way connected to my main)

    However, I'm aiming to move towards a more organised method - my main becomes the outlet for labelled crafted goods (I.e. my main/blacksmith alt), unlabelled stuff goes to either a) My Inscr/Engineer - this is rapid cancel/reposting alt, or b) My JC/herber - this then becomes a once/12hrs post and expire alt. My bank alt then remains pure storage/vendor resales, but hopefully a bit tidier than at the moment

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    This is great to read of your systems & the lines of reasoning behind them, thanks guys.

    OK looks like 1000 odd auctions at any given time looks to be standard for the established goblins, so there's my aim. Obviously more than 1 account is a huge advantage, but I don't think I will ever get a 2nd account.

    Based on the ideas & reasoning presented here, and my own situation for the moment I will stick to the multiple AH poster system. I like the multiple poster model for now because it keeps me off the Undermine Journal radar - huge thanks to you all for underlining this very important point. I make good use of the top sellers list on the UMJ, and I've been very pleased to note that I've never appeared on it (to my knowledge). Also as Stede mentioned, I too make good use of profession bags, less to-ing & fro-ing is a nice perk. As Quetza points out, this system keeps my main incognito, though that is not really of too much concern to me, since I don't engage in the more morally dubious aspects of AHing.

    In future however, once I have my fingers plunged deeply into so many pies that cancelling/reposting or appearing as a UMJ top seller luminary is no longer of so much concern, I'd like to change to the 1 AH alt system. The idea of streamlining my posting routine to 1 session per day, whilst still reaping huge profits is an enormously appealing goal.
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