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    Your humourously profitable mistakes or miscalculations?

    In the same vein as the 'never to repeated' mistakes thread.

    About an hour ago I was doing about 200 abyssal shatters to post the dusts/essences. I bought about 150 crystals, set them to shatter, and walked away. I came back, posted the resulting materials, did the math and though: hmm, only making a total profit of about 400g. Should have checked the market first.

    Just 5 minutes ago I went to do some other enchanting, and checked the 'have materials' box, only to find that I had only shattered a small portion of the crystals. Total actual profit (or potential profit): Several thousand gold.

    Has anyone else made a similar goof, or accidentally made large profit where none was expected?

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    On a handful of occasions I will have been mindlessly buying volatiles with Auctionator from top to bottom and realize that along the way I accidently bought a stack of hundreds of them for a several thousand of gold. Oops. But then I just post them all back on the AH at a higher price and profit anyway.



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