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    What do you have all to yourself?

    I saw a tip about how the Dalaran vanity hats were a good seller with little or no competition and decided to have a think about giving that a go, but at the same time as investigating whether that was viable I found that no one at all was selling the Dalaran vanity pets, a couple of them just weren't in my Auctioneer database. So that's me, selling pets for over 300% markup, around one a day and just yesterday I found out there were similar pets in Outland and guess what, no one selling them!
    I don't have a blacksmith yet but I can see there are only one or two people selling the enchanting rods for crazy prices too, so what's your little island away from the undercutting craziness, the slow burning guaranteed profit that makes you smile every time the gold hits your mailbox? And what pricing strategy did you use? Are you setting eye-watering prices that make people think twice or do you prefer slightly steadier sales at a lower margin?
    And I'm still not selling the hats, just not convinced they'll shift in enough quantity to be worth the time. For example I found no one is relisting the Technique: Glyph of... recipes, but giving that a shot, I couldn't sell a single one, presumably because people don't know about them and there are hundreds of other glyphs to be getting on with.
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    I dont have a single market completely to myself, but I would like to consider myself one of the big players in glyphs on my server (even though im probably not lol). I have been browsing for a market to move in to, doesnt have to be a fast moving market, as I spend a lot of time at work, just something I can post once a day and let it move.

    I will be stocking up on vendor vanity pets for when 4.1 rolls out though and see if I cant do well with some newer collectors, since pyrite on my server is still what I consider over-priced, and no way of knowing if epic gems are on the way.

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    Heh, given the response today I think I must just be lucky with my server, I've seen all sorts of little niches I could slot myself into. Profession levelling bottlenecks are something I might devote some time to investigating, from doing enchanting recently I noticed there might be some less obvious items like Black Pearls that are scarce enough to control easily. Trick is I suppose getting the price right so people aren't put off when they do discover they need what you've got and you're the only one selling, someone tried to own the Book of Glyph Mastery market the other week but quickly gave up because he was listing at 10k, presumably with no takers (at least I hope no one was that stupid), yet I'm sure I could take hold of it with a more customer friendly flip for good profit.

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    I enjoy the electrified ether market all to myself. 2 airs = 2.5 ether, 1 air costs 18g, 1 ether sells for 45g

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    The problem with those Outland and Dalaran pets are the listing costs, which is derived from that high vendor price. I tried it for a while but soon two others joined and the price competition combined with the ah fees and cut made it a waste of time.

    My monopoly right now are the recipes lean wolf steak and lean venison. I have a ton banked and they sell briskly for $499 multiple times a week. How I got a ton without wasting time is a secret I'll keep for now but will probably be my first guide that will help a certain type of gamer like me.

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    Oddly enough, I currently have several Cataclysm buff foods to myself. Once in a while someone will post part of a stack, but twelve days out of fourteen, it is just me. We also tend to hold the enchanting rod markets but then they'll get flooded for a week or so and we'll just wait - they always leave the market it seems.

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    I generally control the enchanting rod and heirloom enchants on my server. Some folk drift in and out occasionally, but nothing that lasts and it soon returns to just me supplying. Perhaps they don't like the sharp drop in prices when they dip their toes into my waters...

    I tend to be aggressive to keep the markets I like, and if a few days of reduced profit keeps the opposition away then that's fine.
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