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    Lightbulb Buying Mats - Anyone else do this?

    Ok, imagine this. You're low on rare gems so it's time to visit the AH and buy up some Elementium Ore. You switch over to Auctionator and search to find this:

    3g 0s 0c - 1 stack of 3
    3g 15s 99c - 4 stacks of 20
    3g 16s 00c - 8 stacks of 5
    3g 74s 99c - 1 stack of 20
    3g 74s 99c - 1 stack of 13
    4g 0s 0c - 15 stacks of 20
    4g 49s 99c - 1 stack of 17
    Xx Xx Xx - so on and so on higher

    If your normal price you try to get Elementium for is under 80g a stack, then you just start at the bottom and buy everything up to 4g, right?

    Here lately I've started cherry-picking out any stacks that are 5-10-15-20 and leaving the odd low-priced random stacks. It's not because I'm too lazy to combine them, however. My thinking is that there is a possibility someone will come along after I leave with their 5-10 stacks of Elementium, refresh Auctioneer, undercut the lowest and post away without taking a closer look.

    If I buy everything up to 4g, those 10 stacks are going to go up for 4.49.98. I'd still probably buy them because of the volume, but wouldn't be as happy about it. By leaving the odd stragglers, there's a chance they go up for 2.99.99. That saves ~1.5g an ore, or 30g a stack. ^^

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    I often leave a few stragglers when buying from the AH for the same reason. It's not always successful but i often pop back later to find another batch undercutting my straggler waiting for me to snap up.

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    I do the same thing ExtremeEagle.... I buy up Savage Leather Scraps and Savage Leather below a threshold price I have set in my mind, but I mostly buy up stacks in multiples of 5. The odd stacks I leave up, basically to use as fodder against those people who just post their auctions at a price under the current lowest price. Doesn't always work, but sometimes it does. It usually comes down to timing. Other people will just buy up the lowest stuff up to a certain point, regardless of the size of the stack. But if you get lucky and time it to where you do your buying and then someone else posts a bunch of stuff under the lowest price, you win!

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    I almost always do this, you could even post a couple singles at a low price point and risk losing 15g for the chance that a big seller comes along and posts 15, 20 stacks below that price. Use theunderminejournal to figure out when the big sellers are posting and try it then.

    Assuming you can't convince them to sell to you directly.
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    i always do this, and sometimes i "cheat" and i'll sometimes repost 2 stacks of are at where i want them as singles.. 3g45s etc.. really depends on the day and how much im seeing posted.. - My WoW blog, AH/Economy related.

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    I tend to snatch up ore on my server for under 4g, but try to leave odd stacks and maybe a single even stack up to encourage low prices. Ive been waiting for a drop in savage scrap prices to turn a quick gold on, but it just hasnt happened yet..

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    I always leave the cheapest 2-3 auctions of whatever commodity I buy. Read the strategy on this forum a while back and it rarely fails me. I even prime markets that way with a low stack count. Lose a little sometimes, but usually gain a lot.

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    I leave the cheap items at the beginning of my AH routine. I buy up everything leaving one or two items. I then prospect / craft and DE my ore - craft gems, and pop over to my inscription alt and do their work.

    I then log onto my JC enchanter and buy up everything below my predetermined point. I want the AH to have a mini reset each time I log out. Therefore my competitors have to deal with the higher ore prices - which prevents them from competing with me as effectively at the other end of the shuffle.

    Usually when I log back in 12-24 hours the market has drifted back down and the process repeats

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    Always do this, in fact i only buy 5 10 and 15 when i'm running try. Mostly cause i'm lazy and bag space is precious, but with the nice side effect of hopefully keeping prices down.

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    I need to do this more often.



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