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    Remote Auction Hall Stickiness

    Just curious how many people find themselves spending more time in the AH because of the remote app. Or do you just use it to snag TUMJ alerts? I personally think the RAH made my AH productivity go way down as I browse a ton.
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    I use it at work to cancel/repost high selling items and browse random things. I also usually use it to snatch all my ore or herbs that way all i have to do is log in and mill it. It actually reduces my time spent at the AH in game. Come to think of it the only time i spend at the AH is mass cancel/repostings using TSM. Absolutely love the RAH, best $3/month EVAR! Espcially combined with TUJ alerts =)
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    im spending alot more on ore since i started using it again.. since i work a 830 - 1700.. i can now buy ore on my breaks etc... i do a few cancel and reposts.. but im on an android phone (DroidX) with no physical computer access (firewall at work).. so i cant do anything overly tedious.. - My WoW blog, AH/Economy related.

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    I basically just use it to repost stuff when I'm away from my computer. One thing though: if you use an addon such as MySales or BeanCounter, be careful not to claim your gold on the remote AH, as it won't be recorded by whichever addon you're using.
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