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Thread: Hyacinth Macaw

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    Hyacinth Macaw


    I'm new to this forum, been playing WoW for about 2 1/2 years now. Love the auction house and i think i do more reading than i actually do stuff ingame

    I did a search on the Hyacinth Macaw and saw that there's no thread on it since Cata. It's been mentioned in some threads but i think it deserves more attention. On my realm (EU - Auchindoun), the price has dropped from around 20k to around 10k with anything >15k being a high price.

    I've seen it on some occasions for 4-5k. Should i hate myself for not having bought it? In other words, do you share my suspicion that prices will go up now that not as many are leveling in STV?

    I know that it now drops from more mobs, but since the individual drop rate hasn't been increased, shouldn't it become "as rare" as it was once?


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    its always been just as rare as it is now imo, its just a new pretty color and just as hard to farm.. as for the mobs that drop it etc,... its really a casuals drop, unless farmed, so your thoughts on it being less likely i think are incorrect... either its being farmed by someone that knows about it OR its a random drop to a casual that just killed somethings in the area (dont ask why casuals do anything, but ive seen my gf's lil sis swimming from westfall to wetlands for no reason at all)... casuals will typically throw the 4-5k price, those that farmed it (or baught from a casual) will try to flip it for 15+, and will eventually dump around 10.. (i know this mainly because ive baught 3 a few months ago, and have been staring at 2 on the ah last few weeks for 15+, one from a guildie who baught cheap and trying to flip it) - My WoW blog, AH/Economy related.

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    It is hard to sell it, typically, but initially at the start of Cataclysm it was everywhere. I know they changed the drop tables so that it drops off almost any mob in STV now. I also tend to believe that they did buff the drop rate of it. Lately I've seen one, maybe two on our auction house and the price is starting to creep back up. Now it could be that I am on a lower pop mid-level server and we have less people leveling now so less mobs are being killed or it could be that they reset the drop rate back to pre-cataclysm levels. I'm not really sure about that.

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    His thoughts about less people being in STV in the future, making it less rare in the future are correct. Less animals killed per day, means less drops per day. Problem is tfhere are only so many completionists with gold per server. Once they buy a cheap one during the spike, they'll never buy another.

    That said, inflation is crazy in WOW. 5k is like 2K pre-cata. I would have bought it.

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    Its not just completionists that buy it though. I'm not a completionist and I got one, mainly because I wanted to see what it looked like but also just because it's rare and you don't see too many people with one - don't discount the conspicuous consumption factor.

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    Also, with the new pet achievements being added in 4.1, this could see a slight gain in value.

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    Ok, I'm thinking I must be blind... where is this new pet achievement listed?

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    Check MMO-Champion... yesterday they posted some information about patch 4.1. There are two new pet achievements- 100 Pets & 125 Pets.

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    Yes in the future there will probably be less of these on the market just because fewer people will be in STV but the availability of this item has increased ten fold since Cata (possibly since the shattering?) This pet was so rare before because it only dropped from a handfull of mobs of which there where about 10 or 15 in an area which hardly anyone ever went to. Making it drop from any mob in STV meant that a pet which was previously only seen every few weeks if not months is now dropping nearer to daily.

    I do not think their value will ever increase by much though, not even with the new pet achievments simply because people going for the achievments will prefer to buy cheaper pets they dont have. Why spend 10k on a parrot if you can get 2 other pets you dont need for the same price. Serious pet collectors have mainly already snapped up the cheaper ones already at the start of cata.

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    Buy. I have bought several of these in the past 2 months, all for < 5k. I have sold every one of them for > 10k. The average sell time has been WEEKS, so you just have to be patient.
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