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    Ore shuffling - blue JC pieces - AH question

    So, for the last week or two I've been shuffling ore - mostly elementium. On my server you can get the elementium for 50-70g/stack on a regular basis (about 100 stacks/day for me), and the gems and resulting JC-craft-to-disenchant dusts and essences make a decent profit, as do the rare gems and other nonsense.

    I've been posting any blue crafted procs I get from JC on the AH, but selling them has been hit and miss.

    Can anyone else who does the shuffle post what they do with the blue items, and what price they usually get from them, assuming they sell them on the AH?

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    While maybe not technically the most profitable i simply use them as part of my disenchanting equation and dust them to supply my scroll business. It may possible to make more by selling the jewelery but as you said sales are slow at best so if you mass produce you will just end up with a huge stockpile waiting to sell.
    If your mass producing them feel free to keep trying to sell the jewelery but for the bulk i would simply DE it.

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    Thanks for the reply. I have been DE'in some as well. Sadly, though, my enchanter/alchemist is only lvl 70, so I can't reach the receipes yet needed to use what I get from DE'ing the blues.

    He may get to 75 someday, but it won't be any time soon

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    I generally set my fallback for blue procs to 145g. They will all sell within a week or two (there's always a few stragglers). By contrast, s are going for far less. List these on a 48-hour auction and undercut any competition by 50s as part of your regular routine. I burn through 100~250 stacks of ore each week, depending on availability and my mood, and I don't have much competition on the AH.
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    I've had pretty good success selling the blue jewelry. Some pieces take a few 48hr postings while others sell first day, but I've never had to give up and DE any. Prices are sitting around the following levels:

    Hessonite Bands - 200g
    Jasper Ring - 150g
    Nightstone Choker - 150g
    Alicite Pendant - 200g

    I've not sold any Jasper Rings in a while though because selling Jasper raw has been more profitable than making jewelry as of late.

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    i post them all for 111 aside from hessonite band which is 123! they arent high moving, but that alt selling just the jc junk rares does bring in 4 - 10k a week in sales. - My WoW blog, AH/Economy related.

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    I find that the necklaces don't sell well at all, but the rings do. The necklaces get a short life at the auction house before they head to be disenchanted.

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    Hessonite Rings definite are worth the sale, I usually get something around 150-200g for them, sometimes more. Necklaces about 100-150g and jasper rings occasionally 80-120g. Then again, I usually tend to de all except the hessonite rings after two rounds in AH and use the shards to enchanting.

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    they all eventually sell.. i just post in 12 hr intervals.. sure it'll take some reposts.. but the difference between heavenly shards and the 111+ more then makes up for it. - My WoW blog, AH/Economy related.

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    The blue jewelry does sell, and like others have said it just takes a while.
    If you build up a large reserve then gift them to levelling guildies or disenchant. Also be willing to advertise them in trade, I sell around half my stock of blue jewelry with in-person trades.
    All my blue jewelry gets lumped into the same TSM group, 120g threshold and 250g fallback. I haven't noticed any particular pieces that don't sell, but I haven't been paying a lot of attention to their AH sales tbh.



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