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    Preparing For 2 Weeks Away From Game

    I am curious if anyone has anything special they do when preparing to be away from the game for around 2 weeks. I promised my wife and kids a 2 week vacation getaway and we will be out of state with no computer access at all. (unless I want a divorce or my man parts removed )

    I have about 2 weeks before we leave and I am liquidating most of my stock that I am worried will possibly decrease in value while I am gone. The majority of this is enchanting materials , gems, and raw ore.

    Also I am worried about my Auctioneer data. Right now my data is updated on average of about 3 times per day so on most items I can pull up a pretty accurate price picture for most items. Once I return from my vacation should i just delete all previous data and start over from the beginning to once more create a accurate price profile?

    This will be the longest I have been away from the game since I started playing during vanilla WoW so I am a little nervous about my gold making and about being away from the game
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    Subscribe to the mobile AH for the month? (Not sure if that counts or not.)

    Enjoy your vacation!

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    The main thing to check will be your mail to ensure nothing expires while your gone and therefore is lost. Past that there's not a great deal you can do that will really matter.

    The only other consideration is maybe selling off a good chunk of your stock before hand as two weeks can mean a significant drop in prices although at this stage prices are reasonably stable or only dropping slowly so it shouldn't be radically different when you get back.

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    I wouldn't worry about prices crashing while you're away. One thing I definitely WOULD double-check is that my mailboxes on all my toons are empty. Trust me, enough people lose fortunes in their mailboxes even when they're not on a 2-week break (the "Share your mistakes" thread above containes quite a few suitable examples), so knowing that 2 weeks is half of the time your stuff can stay in the mailbox before being deleted, I wouldn't take any risks.

    Also, two thumbs up for the Mobile AH: if you have a smartphone, you can sneak in a few checks, relist some valuable stuff, and snipe the goodies you run across. Just remember you're limited to 200 operations per day (and for us goblins, 200 is quite low), so only list valuable stuff and try never to hit the 200 cap, just in case you run into an item just begging to be sniped (how would you feel if you missed a 1,000g Teebu? :P)
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