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    Your first Auction House market?

    Hi there,

    I am (as you can probably tell) new here. I've been reading for a couple of weeks, and really enjoy the discussions here.

    I'm not exactly burdened down with gold (about 20k split across 3 characters), and am interested in moving into a market or two on my server.

    Beyond all the reading I can do here, and on the many, many fine gold-making blogs out there now, I'm curious to see if people here would be interested in sharing a couple of things:

    1) What was your first market for gold-making (however long ago it may have been)

    2) If you were just starting now, what market, on your server, would you move into first?

    I suppose it's possible this thread will be an utter failure, but if you do choose to answer, and your answer has a good story behind it, feel free to share. I love a good tale.


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    My first method of making gold was via stealth farming enchanting materials, mainly s. As a feral druid (I know, I was a big noob in vanilla), I could stealth up to and solo many bosses in BRD, yielding me precious shards, sometimes the and various other sundry goods. Stratholme was also decent for shards, and as a side benefit, I would work up my AD rep and get and the like.

    It wasn't until later in TBC that I started actually playing the auction house, which was out of necessity for my epic flight form costs.

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    I made my first 100g manipulating the Wool Cloth market. I managed to keep the entire market artifically high for generally a week at a time. THEN I moved into Dark Runes as people would try to sell them for 10g a pop when you could get 75-100g a pop from Pallies looking to get their epic mounts (boy did that market end up dying >.>).

    If I were starting now I'd have picked up JC back in BC versus halfway through Wrath. Our JC market ended up oversupplied about two months after I got into it ( I saw double to triple the competition in all the markets I had cuts for), so margins shrank considerably. I would've loved to have had more time to cash in.
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    Thanks for the replies. As I said, I'm hoping to move into a market or two on my server. I've got a miner (farmed a lot in early Cataclysm), max engineer (hangover from when I didn't care about gold, plus my hunter likes the goggles), max-level JC, 400 enchanter and a nearly-maxed blacksmith. I thought about taking up inscription on my spare profession slot on my in-progress toon - level 67 at the moment, but not working on his level too much. Mostly doing BG's for the hec of it.

    I did a bit of the Obsidium shuffle, but the gem market on my server is wildly unpredictable, and I've been caught with my pants down a few times already.

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    1/ My very first gold market was s, which I'd buy for 20s and flip for 1g; and yes, back then, we didn't have fancy mounts, we walked 10 miles to the AH in the snow (well, actually, it was always sunny, but whatever), uphill both ways!

    2/ If you're just starting, then you want to choose markets with low risk and low investment. Basically, you'll be doing lots of "buy low, sell normal" operations, before moving on to more investment-dependent methods. I'd recommend checking out easy flips such as the shattering flip, plus cheap snatches (the snatch list is a good place to search). Other things you might want to do: if obsidium ore is really cheap and you have a JC and an enchanter, you can try to invest a bit of gold in the shuffle, i.e. buying ore, using the green gems to craft green items and DE'ing them; note that sometimes you can make more profit by just selling the gems raw, which is why you might want to use an ore shuffle spreadsheet to determine which is most profitable. This is already a bit more advanced, and requires a bit of gold, but you can start out by buying 1,000g worth's of ore and seeing if you can make a profit. To give you an idea, on a good day, on my server, I can get ore at 65-70g a stack, and with dusts selling at 12-15g, essences at 50-60g, I can easily double my money. The only limiting factor is the actual quantities of ore on the market
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    Jewelcrafting was my first, and I still recommend it as the #1 max-level profession today. However, if I were to roll a new toon, there's no doubt that I'd grab herbalism and inscription. Inscription is a unique market. You don't have to be max-level to start selling stuff that everybody needs. The reagents are fairly simple - herbs and parchment that you buy from the vendor. The only downside to inscription is that it is a large business. You will have hundreds of auctions up at once. You will need add-ons; you will need a bank toon; you will need inscription bags. Of course - all that will scale as you grow.

    The best part is that with perseverance in your daily research, you will become even more profitable.
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    My start was in JC, buying uncut gems and cutting them to list rather than prospecting. It's not extraordinarily profitable, but it's quick (both in sale time and crafting time), dependable, and gives you a good idea of how prices can rise and fall over time. That meta-knowledge will serve you well in other markets.

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    My first market was everything Back in vanilla, flipping stuff with the old buy-low-sell-high. That was when 100g was serious wealth ofc

    My first market in cata was ench/tailoring, simply because that's my mains professions. If I was gonna start over, I'd probably go for herb/skin or herb/mining to level, then (assuming I could afford to max 'em out without farming mats myself) Inscription/JC + Blacksmithing. Simply because I'm making sooo much money out of PvP plate + buckles atm

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    1) Runecloth, buying at 12s or less, reselling for 25s. Doubling my gold over and over. Then I moved into Netherweave, and Wool Cloth, although Runecloth remained profitable throughout BC, and until the end of Wrath.

    Not long after, I did my own "shuffle" of sorts with Titansteel epics. I made my first 100k just doing that, almost exclusively.

    2) If I were starting TODAY, the very first thing I would do is FARM. I know, I know, we HATE farming. But it's a NO RISK activity. I would probably start with mining (since I think Mining is much easier to level than Herbalism), and get it to 525 as fast as possible. I would also spend some of my early gold on a Potion of Treasure Finding, and then farm elementals in Hyjal for a few hours. All of that would net you several K gold. This is also assuming you have a level 85.

    If I were starting with a Level 1 today, and just wanted to make gold and NOT level my toon, I would dance naked for a few days, get about 100g, then start buying low cost items to flip for 10-30% profit. As my cache of gold grew, I would expand into other areas doing the same.

    Then, and only then, would I consider moving into riskier activities such as pets, etc.
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    I got my start AH flipping. Back In The Day, class-specific set pieces dropped from level 60 dungeons. Most of the pieces were BOP, but there was at least one BOE piece in each set, and some sets had multiple BOEs. I started watching the auction house, and I noticed that people very often set their starting bids significantly lower than the average market price for the item they were selling. Think 50g starting bid on a 125g item. With almost no auction addons, finding those bargains was a manual process, so I focused on the dungeon set armor and a couple high-visibility blue BOE weapons. I bought them up at 35-60g and flipped them for 50-150g. By the time I was level 60, I had the 900g needed for my epic mount.

    People are generally more savvy about auctioning these days. At the start though, a lot of people assumed that "50g starting bid, 125g buyout" meant that lots of people would see the auction listed for 50g and start a bidding war, which would ultimately drive the price up over the buyout. I think most people got over that idea, which is sad... I sniped a lot of great auctions



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