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    Anti AH Bot measures

    i recently paid 30k for [#Item]Design: reverberating shadowspirit diamond[/item]

    i only sold 7 at 2k before others entered the market (at 600g) so i'm only now breaking even though i'm continuing to mass produce and will evenetually be well in the black.

    so i am paying closer attention to the gem markets than i previously cared to.

    in particular one seller who undercuts constantly with a single sale. he does a cancel repost about every 10 minutes. i've found i can break his bot by putting a single sale of mine well below current market price.

    so if the market is sitting at 900g each. i list mine at 890g and he'll cancel his 900g sale and repost at 889g99s99c (yeah he's that much of a prick). if i then list 3 at 870g and one at 500g he'll cancel but not repost.

    its not a minimum threshold though. if the market is at 400g he'll list at 399g99s99c.
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    In your scenario about listing 3 at 870 and 1 at 500 - I'm guessing that as soon as the 1 at 500g sells, he undercuts at 869.99.99? Is the seller ever online while he's posting?

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    Ye I did that with Mysterious Fortune Cards. If they are selling at 50g, I then post 5 at 50g and 1 at 15g (cost price). And half the time the competitors don't repost. If they do undercut me to 14g 99s 99c etc, I just gobble up their very low priced auctions and sell for higher when they are gone or when they run out.
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    Firstly i would like to point out people are too quick to jump to the conclusion it is a bot. Some people really do have nothing better to do than sit there constantly undercutting and people are more encouraged to do so at times like these where you have a limited amount of time to reap the major profits.

    so if the market is sitting at 900g each. i list mine at 890g and he'll cancel his 900g sale and repost at 889g99s99c (yeah he's that much of a prick).
    While you may be finding it annoying this is pretty standard tactic for undercutting and in fact he is working more intelligently than you.
    When undercutting your aim is to be top of the pile so people buy your item and not someone else's. Undercutting by 1 copper is the simplest way to do this and also has the benefit of not really reducing the price you are selling at. Undercutting by more is generally just giving away gold as whoever bought it would have done so if you undercut by 1 copper or 10g so you just gave away 9g99s99c if your items sells and also has the added negative of driving down the market price faster.

    There are times when undercutting by more is worthwhile but if your sole aim is to be top of the pile then 1 copper is the best way to do it.

    Onto the issue at hand...
    If it's a bot then it likely has some sort of threshold programmed into it to recognise huge undercuts so it is 'intelligent' enough to wait for that huge undercut to sell so it can post at normal prices and not drive the market down too quickly.
    If it's not a bot then the person probably knows what your doing and simply not taking the bait or willing to wait for your very cheap gem to sell again.

    What i would do is slowly increase your big undercut price to see how little you can actually undercut before it/he will start posting again. If you still see that price as a valid sale price you can then undercut him by that much and he possibly won't bother you.

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    ^ very much spot on.