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    Selling love bracelets on the mobile AH

    Hello this is my first contribution here.
    Hence I have recieved so much good advice from here (abyss crystal flip, stocking volatile life etc) I wanted to share something I found out yesterday by pure randomness. I had been farming for JC plans and instead ended up with tons of love tokens : the ones you transform into bracelets for the love fair. Anyways I found that you can put these up for sale with the remote auction house only. It is not possible in game otherwise. I sold them for 49g and sold them asap. Tried upping to 99 they dont sell so I guess the price in that bracket.

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    Bah.. this was going to be my first post of the morning

    I sold one at 50g as a tester and it sold right away. I then upped it to 125g and have sold 7 of the 12 that I listed. Mindless farming now gets a bump of about 800-1K gph


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    Add to this user's reputation SCU brought this to our attention earlier this week, and it has made me reconsider being cheap on spending more RL money for WOW (aka buying the RAH service again).
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    I didn't get a chance last night, but I intend to buy many more of these this weekend and turn them around for 80-100g profit per bracelet.



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