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    Reminder: two easy flips you should be doing if you aren't already!

    I've made some very nice coin on these and haven't seen them discussed much of late, so I thought I'd post a reminder:

    • to (generally more profitable than runed/crusader orbs or other eternals): on most servers, you can make an easy 10g profit per flipped orb; personally I've sold literal hundreds of them, and it's a virtually risk-free market.
    • *2 to : a must-do for enchanters. On my server, a lesser celestial essence, depending on the days (and on if buying greater essences is cheaper), is 20g; a scroll is 150g. That's over 100g profit per scroll, and they sell faster than cream-filled cookies next to a school. Even if you're not an enchanter yourself, it's probably worth getting a friend to do them for you.
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    Nice tips. I'll check this out and see if it's the same case on my server

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    Thanks for the tip. Already doing the Mighty Stats flip and it's a decent steady stream of income. Will definitely look into the orb flip!

    By the way, look into if dust is cheap or you got extra stashes eating up space. Profit is smaller than , but they do move relatively fast, so the volume sales help w/ the thin[ner] margins.
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    Great idea! I've been so busy creating a stash of gold on the other side that I have been completely neglecting good flips.



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