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    Guide: Create a set of Snatch List bookmarks

    Recently, I added both US and EU RAH links to the Snatch list post. Wouldn't it be nice if you could just import all those links in as a set of bookmarks? Well, I'm here to help. Here's what you will need to do:

    1) Download the attachment on this post, Bookmarks.txt

    2) Change the extension of the file so it is Bookmarks.html (I wasn't able to upload an html file). If you open the file in notepad, this will give you an opportunity to take a look at the format.

    2a) If you are in the EU, you will need to open the file in notepad and find/replace "" with "". If you want, you could also find/replace "alliance" with "neutral" to create links for the Neutral AH. (You do NOT have to replace "alliance" with "horde", it should just work)

    3) Open your bookmark manager in your browser and import the saved bookmark file.
    Chrome: Click the wrench icon, then "Bookmarks manager". In the new tab, click "Organize", then "Import Bookmarks...". Find the file and click "Open".

    IE: Click "Favorites", the down arrow next to "Add to Favorites..." and then "Import and Export...". In the new menu select, "Import from a file", then click "Next". Select "Favorites", then click "Next". Find your file, then click "Next". Select a location then click "Next". Click "Finish"

    Firefox: Click Bookmarks. Click Organize Bookmarks Ctrl+Shift+B. Click Import and Backup. Click Import HTML... Select From an HTML File. Click Next. Navigate to the html file you saved. Select it and click Open. It's on your Bookmarks Menu.

    4) Start using your new bookmarks.

    The best part about this is that you don't have to click bookmarks one at a time. You can select an entire group and your browser will open them all at once. I would not try to open the "RAH" group, however. This will be too much for most computers and may be too many simultaneous requests to Blizzard, which may cause many of them to fail. If you do find that the current groups are too big, you can go into your bookmark manager and create new groups (e.g. Tailoring1, Tailoring2) to help redistribute.
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    This is awesome thanks!!

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    I would love you long time if you did this same thing in .lua format so I can copy/paste into my auctioneer. I don't use remote AH nor browse AH from web.

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    I will look at getting the .lua formats for Auctionator and Auctioneer. I just recently started using Auctionator and my list is in there is incomplete.

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    Excellent, this will come in quite handy on my laptop!
    Don't forget to hand out reputation to people whose posts enlightened you!

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    For those, like myself, who are looking to set up TUJ alerts, you can use this file to make that process a bit quicker. You can open the file in notepad and do a find/replace to create TUJ bookmarks. The RAH bookmarks look like this:
    and the TUJ bookmarks look like this:
    You will need to get your realm name to fill in to the link, but then you can simply do a find on
    with (for Windrunner Alliance in this case)

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    Quote Originally Posted by calianna View Post
    Firefox: I don't have Firefox, so if someone can post steps, I'll paste them in here, otherwise I can update when I get home.
    Firefox 3.6
    Click Bookmarks
    Click Organize Bookmarks Ctrl+Shift+B
    Click Import and Backup
    Click Import HTML...
    Select From an HTML File
    Click Next
    Navigate to the html file you saved
    Select it and click Open

    It's on your Bookmarks Menu

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    Thanks Thorzek! I updated the original post with those instructions as well.



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