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    Playing both sides, the true Diplomat!

    Just wanted to know how many people play both sides of the AH on their server?

    I currently do this in order to broaden my potential market and acquire cheaper mats. It is also fun when things like Primordial Saronite differ by 150g a piece! I do have 2 accounts, but this possible with a single account and a friend.

    This also allows you to go straight to the source and skip the ridiculous cross-faction AH cut. Please share your strategies and experiences(good or bad) for selling to both sides during a war!

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    My first thought when I see something like this is that it's only possible on PVE servers. Then I remember. It is definitely much easier with two accounts. I have done it occasionally, but not to any great extent because of the difficulty in coordinating with someone else.

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    I've played around with it and it was fun, but it almost feels like doubling my work (which I don't like!) :P

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    In Vanilla WoW, the greatest money-maker was cross-faction trading. The amount of profit that could be made was insane.

    Lightforge and Elements gear were both killers, along with .
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pennyworth View Post
    I've played around with it and it was fun, but it almost feels like doubling my work (which I don't like!) :P
    It certainly can be some extra work! Not necessarily a lot though. I usually transfer large amounts of good at a time. So I will go for about a week selling off what I brought over and purchasing cheap goods to bring back and sell for profit. That is that trick, btw. Do not transfer money by selling yourself some random item at 1000g. Instead, buy something expensive that will sell quickly on the other side, then trade it over the neutral AH for 1 copper. I use Primordial Saronite, which as a bonus, sells for more on the other side. If you play your copper right, you will make money on both sides of the fence. It also gives you visibility and purchasing power on both factions AH. This is especially beneficial when you need mats yourself to craft something. It is a little work, but the profits are huge. And since the work is in the transfer, it is really only extra work once per week.

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    Wife and I used to AH flip on both sides, buying eternals, gems, etc. on whichever side was cheaper. That was on one of our earlier servers. Area 52 has a much smaller Alliance population thus faction AH flip is not really worth the time. Again understand your market before committing your time to this gold opportunity.

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    I trade cross faction for mats and to stockpile for cataclysm. I store everything up to do one transfer a week using the neutral AH at an unsociable hour (usually very early in the morning). Two accounts is a must (unless you have a trusted friend) and I never transfer anything if there's anyone else at either of the auctioneers, for fear of someone quickly buying out my stuff.

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    I've been both sides since 2006. The word for this is Arbitrage. I think that should be inserted into the lexicon here.

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    I had been playing both sides for a while just selling pets. I expanded a bit a month or so ago to include buying cheap glyphs to add to my stockpile on my main side. I buy out right the really really cheap ones, and bid on anything (non-charred) that was under 2g bid.

    I just want to thank all the kind people that post glyphs for 50s bids. =D

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    I do all of my selling on just my faction now, but I have buyers stationed at the other faction's vendors for buying recipes to smuggle back over. There used to be a lot of potential buying and selling into both Auction Houses, but the huge amount of faction transfers we had shifted prices the wrong direction so I've cut back on that.



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