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    The Farmers are back!

    Hello guys

    Any of you have seen insane prices on ore or herbs in your server? have 2 or 3 pages full those goods?

    Well, finally on my server it has happen! Although not at the insane prices that some blogs have reported (40g per stack of ore) but in my case it has lower from an steady 200g per stack of Elementium ore to a more profitable 70g (i end up with 200 stacks i think).

    Even when the time to work them out (prospect, craft, DE) will be huge i couldn't resist that i could get almost the double from each stack.

    Sadly for me the farmers are not that reliably login these days so I'm not getting those deals on a steady basis.

    Have you got a contract already?

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    Looks like they are back as of last night, bought a bunch of Obsidium Ore at 50g/stack. I was very happy, hope to see lots more.



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