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    A quicker way to check and reset Glyphs

    A little update on resetting ,I used to use just a basic scan to check prices of glyphs for resetting ,but now I have started using Auctionator heres how.

    Setting up

    Click on the little + sign next to the search button and you will find advanced search
    Set up like below changing Subcategory for the one you want

    Your search results will appear, here is mine sorted with lowest price first

    You can see Glyph of Divine Favor only has 2 available on the market at START price of 25g70s, this is worth buying out , if you click on a glyph it will show all the glyphs , one might be at 250g, but this will still worth buying out the cheapest and resetting

    Other things to watch for , Column 2 show a green tick if you have items posted (or a red cross if you have been undercut) so as you can see my threshold is 40g, later items might show 3 available , 2 of these will be mine and I will buy out the other one I can go upto 100g depending on the sales data found by hovering over each line

    I have 10 glyphs in my bags, i started Patch 4.0.0 with 40+ of each glyph i always make sure i have 4 of each glyph now so this one is a slow seller, something else I look for when resetting items.

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    Looks like this will speed things up, I'll try it out within the next couple of days.

    Thanks a bunch.

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    Having a day off I played with glyphs most of the day with this technique. I bought out any glyphs below 30g that had less than 4 currently posted and reposted at 300g. With 10 minutes effort every two hours I added another 500g sales / hour. Not the kind of babysitting I want to do every day, but I'll definitely do a sweep before posting in the mornings.

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    Nice time - I have done the same by manually searching for "glyph of a", "glyph of b", "glyph of c" (Since you can't search for "Glyph of" as this returns to many results). Your method is 3 times faster

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    (I'll try this out on my rogue. Thank you!

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    Isn't it possible to make a shopping list with "Glyph/Warrior" and "Glyph/Paladin" etc etc, and just search for the whole shopping list with auctioneer? Or will this return too many results error aswell?
    Nvm, I just tested this, and it didn't find anything, sadly. But its really helpful to have all these 10 different searches on a seperate shoppinglist atleast.

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    Oh, very nice, I'd forgotten about the Advanced Search feature, makes things smoother! Now if only I could ignore certain glyphs a.k.a never-bloody-sells blacklist :|

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    wow, I wish this could filter against number listed, average price, and crafted cost, I use my tooltips to do it, but it takes time

    I did manage to snatch all the ones levelers dumped on at 10 % of crafting cost, flipped them and turned big profits over the weekend

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    Nice one. I do something similar, but being an AuctionLite guy, use that instead. Just search for "glyph of" and sort by price ascending. You can then go into each glyph and buyout them all very quickly up to your threshold - I tend to do around 25g. One of the reasons I gave up on Auctionator is that when I would try to doa similar search it came back with saying there were too many results. Back to AuctionLite it was for me, though I never noticed this advanced search feature. I still find AUctionLite to be faster.
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    great stuff, although my server has a persistent bugger, who keeps posting glyphs in 48hr batches for under 20g
    so my glypher's going on hiatus till i can resell his wares at a premium



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