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    Gold Blogs

    Not sure if this is the right forum, but quick problem/question. Back when Undermine Journal was up, I used it primarily to keep up with new posts on gold blogs. Since it died, I haven't read a single gold blog, since I can't remember which blogs were the bigger ones, and I don't know of any other wow gold blog aggregators.

    So the question is, is there an aggregator similar to Undermine Journal? Or if not, I'll use an RSS reader to keep up on feeds, except I don't remember the main blogs. If someone could list maybe 5-10 gold blogs that I should definitely keep up with, that'd help. I don't want it to turn into a blog rating competition, but I don't know where to start, and I can't really follow 100 gold blogs, so any help would be good.

    Thanks! This forum's been a great help so far, but I haven't found the need to post until now...

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    Few forums down: Blogger's Corner.

    Deleting this in a few minutes.

    Edit: Guess there's some constructive stuff in here. Thread can live... for now.
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    I have a list of other Blogs on my Blog here there all good reads and would suggest having a look there

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    There is a good (although someone dated) list here -

    I would highly recommend using a reader. I use Google Reader personally, and I love it. It is easy to add new things that interest you, rather than being limited to someone else's interests. The ability to search through everything you've ever seen by keywords is amazing as well. Need to find that article you read about twink enchants? I have 33 results on my reader versus 17,300 google results (most worthless, many dubious).

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    Cool, thanks! I didn't want to post in the Blogger's Corner since it looked like it was only blog posts, and I didn't want to read the blogs in the current format they're in, in that forum section. There also seemed to be a lot more blogs than I wanted to keep up with. Sorry about the post here, and I'll check those links out.

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    I use RockMelt Social Network Browser to keep up-to-date with all the blogs.

    Bigger screenshot:

    When you visit a new site that you want to add to your feed list on the right, you click the small plus button at the bottom on the right just below the Facebook Icon. When when a new post appears on a website, a little number pops up (1) for example. Number increases for more new posts etc. You can add MMO-Champion and never miss out in crucial updates - make sure you are the first on your server to snag those items before they rocket in price. You can add forums like Consortium and MMO-Champ forums, you can add MMO-Champ's Blue-tracker, you can add faceboo, twitter, news websites, digg, etc.
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    Blogger's corner has links to each blog - I'd just check em out and if you like em, bookmark em.
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