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    Rare patterns question.

    I am new to the forum, and quickly found the list of rare patterns to look out for. I just started buying these today and I got like 4 or 5 different patterns all for very cheap. My question is how long do these things normally take to sell? Should I put them on 48 hour auctions and just repost every few days? Thanks for the help.

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    That's awesome that you found some of them so quickly. I have been selling a couple of mine for over a month now. For most of the items on the snatch list, the deposit fees are so low that it should not matter. Selling rare patterns is a lot like real estate. The difference is that in real estate, the three important things are location, location, location and for rare patterns it is patience, patience, patience. I try not to tie up too much gold in these because they can take so long to sell. Use the guidelines from the snatch list, pick your price and stick with it.

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    aye some your going to be sitting on for awhile.

    your selling to a very select few on your sever and not every collector is going to say
    "hey I want to spend 2k on a searing golden blade pattern today"

    the average person scanning the AH is either going to see an absurdly overpriced outdated pattern/pet/sword or something they just don't care about

    something i would suggest doing though would be doing a manual search of the pattern/misc list every now and then; there are a few items that are not on that list that move fairly well, an example would be . They sell for 50-60g on my server and I can find one every few weeks for 15g or less
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    Yeah, guberry - you will need to wait a while and be VERY patient. It's been WEEKS since I've sold a , then all of a sudden I've sold 4 in the past 2 days. Bought them from Lil Timmy way back when at cost, selling them now for 600g each.
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    I'm with the others here. Some plans sell unexpectedly fast at ludicrous prices for no particular reason, others can take weeks. So yeah, repost them every 48h, make sure no one is undercutting you, and don't be afraid to bark in /2! There's always a chance, considering how rare they are, that the collector ready to pay for them just sort of forgot about them and hasn't checked the AH. Remind them!
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    Having sold two , the biggest thing I've learned is patience. I probably have relisted both on the AH over 35 times before selling one. It's a great feeling when they finally sell, but you have to be patient and persistent for it. You'll never know when the day comes where some item collector comes around on the AH and sees you have the only rare item they want listed.

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    I suspect that people are often resistant to paying your price, so they may watch and see if you come down in price. So, you may have to relist a while after your buyer sees

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    I have a question for the rare pattern flippers, I was farming honor hold rep and dropped for me, I've had it up for 2-3 weeks for 6.5k but it's such a low drop rate that i feel it could net more.

    What do you guys think I could get for it?

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    I have the same conumdrum with a that I picked up this week. Zero listed auctions in my addon's history. I started shooting for the moon (15k) and will bring it down occasionally. If it doesn't sell now, I'll pack it away for a year until people have too much gold and not enough to spend it on.



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