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    Making Money With Low Deposit Items

    Summary: You can sell items with low deposit fees for high prices on the AH because even if 90% of your auctions don't sell, you'll still make money if a few do sell.

    There are many ways to make money on the AH. The basic way is to know your markets and buy items when they are cheap, selling them when they are more expensive. It’s not worth posting all of your stuff when the market is at a low because you won't be able to charge a high price for it. If you do charge a high price and nothing sells, you'll get hammered by the deposit fees and lose money. Thus, it's almost always best to wait until the market price rises.

    Despite this golden rule, there is another approach that works well with certain items. Some commodities with very low deposits can be posted at high prices without fear of losing a fortune. Take Copper Bars for example. The deposit to post a stack for 48 hours is 1.2 silver so if you were to post 100 stacks for 48 hours it would cost you 1g 20s. If you set your price at 15g a stack (or just under) it only takes a single sale to cover your deposit costs of the 100 stacks for 24 days! You could repost the 100 stacks 12 times and recover your deposit fees if just one stack sold over the whole time. Take a moment to think about that. 100 stacks on the AH for 24 days and you only need to sell one stack to avoid a loss.

    The deposit fees are so low and the selling price is so high that the risk is almost zero. This means that you can afford to post certain items on the AH in large amounts for long periods without worrying about the deposit costs.

    The worst case scenario is that none of your auctions will sell. If that happens - you've lost a few gold. Post your items at the price you bought them for and recoup your money. The best case scenario is that lots of your auctions sell. if this happens - you can make hundreds or even thousands.

    You're probably thinking that none of your auctions will sell if you price them at well over the market price. You'd be wrong. It's surprising but people will buy your auctions even when they aren't the lowest priced. There's a number of reasons for this, some of which are explained below.

    Before you have a go at posting low deposit items at high prices, consider the following points:

    1. High Volume Markets work the best. These are markets with a high turnover. Even if you post well above the going rate, sometimes huge quantities sell very quickly and your items could soon be the cheapest.

    2. Low priced items work the best. When I say low, I mean pre-cataclysm mats. I’ve tried posting cata mats at high prices and they don’t sell. Players are careful when buying expensive items, but many couldn’t care less whether their copper bars cost 5g a stack or 15g. They just want the bars as quickly as possible and in the most convenient way. If they need lots of stacks, they’re not going to spend the time buying up all the small amounts – they’ll go straight to the stacks. For more expensive items, they’ll buy all the lesser amounts first.

    3. Don’t post too many stacks. Posting 100 high priced stacks of one commodity isn’t something I’d advise. They’ll never sell in 48 hours. Post 20 stacks instead and you don’t have to spend too long emptying your mailbox when they expire. Also, posting hundreds of stacks slows the AH down – remember when that idiot posted 500 single infinite dust? Your aim isn’t to make people hate your guts.

    4. Don’t post too few stacks. Posting 1 stack won’t get noticed. Post enough so that there’s profit to be made and your auctions stand out. Sometimes players just want lots of an item really quickly and will just buy your expensive 20 stacks.

    5. Don’t set your prices too high or too low. I find 3 or 4 times the going rate works quite well. Copper bars regularly sell at 5g a stack on my server but I still manage to sell about 10 stacks a day at between 15g and 20g. Bolt of linen is often available at 2g a stack, but I sell 10-20 stacks a day at 15g-20g.

    6. Don’t try to control the market. This is not what this strategy is about. Don’t even buy up the few small amounts that are listed cheaply unless you are getting a stockpile together. You don’t care if you’ve been undercut and you don’t need to regularly check the prices. Just post your stuff and move on.

    7. ALWAYS post for 48 hours. You want to waste as little time on this as possible.

    8. Price your items at slightly under a gold. Rather than selling something at 15g a stack, sell it at 14g 97s or something similar.

    9. Use an alt that you don’t use for anything else. This way your main reputation won’t be hurt by your high pricing. It will also help you to be organised as this side of your auctioneering won't interfere with the other strategies you're implementing.

    10. Don’t advertise it in trade. People will just say you are overpricing your items, and they’d be right.

    11. Experiment and find what works for you. Choose a few items from the list below. My favourites are copper bar, bolt of linen and all the leather (including hides). Dust and essences are just starting to pick up. I've sold quite a few stacks of briarthorn and various other herbs lately.

    12. Use an addon to manage your mail. I like Postal, but there are many others such as Mailget. You'll empty that mailbox in no time and have your expired auctions reposted in a few minutes. Then you can resume your usual business and forget about it for a couple of days.

    If it doesn’t work on your server, you can always sell your mats back at around the price you bought them for. If you want to try it with just one or two items, have a go with copper bar and bolt of linen, preferably producing them yourself from the raw ore and cloth.

    Here are some very low deposit items to get you started. You may have already stockpiled some of these and are waiting for prices to rise.
    The deposit fee listed is for 48 hours. It’s also for a stack, unless stated.

    Bolt of linen cloth: 5s
    Bolt of Wool: 12s
    Linen Cloth: 1.5s
    Wool Cloth: 4s

    Medium Hide: 7s
    Cured Medium Hide: 12s
    Cured Heavy Hide: 13s
    Light Leather: 2s
    Medium Leather: 6s
    Heavy Leather: 18s

    Bronze Bar: 6s
    Copper Bar: 1.2s
    Tin Bar: 4.2s
    Steel Bar: 7.2s
    Felsteel Bar: 9s (for each single)
    Silver Bar: 12s

    Copper Ore: 1s
    Tin Ore: 3s
    Silver Ore: 10s

    Briarthorn: 3s
    Mageroyal: 2.4s
    Bruiseweed: 3s
    stranglekelp: 12s
    Liferoot: 9s
    Kingsblood: 3.6s

    Strange Dust: 1s
    Soul Dust: 1s
    Vision Dust: 1s
    Dream Dust: 1s
    Illusion Dust: 1s
    Arcane Dust: 1s
    Infinite dust: 1s

    Essence of undeath: 6s (for each single)
    Greater Astral Essence: 1s
    Greater Magic Essence: 1s
    Greater Mystic Essence: 1s
    Greater Eternal Essence: 1s
    Greater Nether Essence: 1s
    Greater Planar Essence: 1s

    To put this in perspective, you could post 20 stacks (or 20 singles when stated) of every one of these items for 48 hours and it would cost you between 20 and 30 gold. All you have to sell is two or three stacks and you've made that money back. If you did this you'd probably make hundreds of gold - I make much more and I don't post anywhere near that amount.

    There are lots of other items that have low deposits and this is by no means an exhaustive list. Please post any others that work for you.

    This strategy might seem like a waste of time for the pros, but It can give good returns as long as you don't waste too much time on it. Checking my mailbox every 48 hours and finding 1000-2000g there is a nice little bonus. It’s ideal for mid level players who are yet to make their fortune, or those like me who like to have many fingers in many pies.

    Please post your thoughts, successes or failures here.
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    "Money is not the most important thing in the world. Love is. Fortunately, I love money." - Jackie Mason

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    A shameless bump.

    Has nobody tried this? I'm making a couple of thousand a day from this. It's only a sideline but i can't believe nobody is doing it.
    "Money is not the most important thing in the world. Love is. Fortunately, I love money." - Jackie Mason

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    This sounds like a good approach for me to take. I don't have much capital, and most of it is (somewhat foolishly) tied up in Darkmoon cards right now. I'm going to give this a shot this weekend, and I'll let you know how it goes.
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    I have done this occasionally, but not as a concerted type of effort. If I'm doing something else and I discover that these types of items are not well stocked, I will often buy them out and repost much higher. You are right, you won't sell them all at your high price, but you only need to sell a fraction of them to make some money. After that, any that bounce, I will bleed back into the market and not worry as much about the sale price.

    Edit: I should also add that this really is a great way for people with less capital to start out. It's low risk, it gets you testing and experimenting, you learn how to fail gracefully, etc...
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    I have a bad habbit of controlling markets when I employ selling lower tiered raw goods. For example, old Azeroth gems. Often times you'll see 5-6 sellers with a total of maybe 20 auctions and they're all listed at prices in the silver range. I'll buy the entire market since it costs next to nothing and then relist at my prices which is around 10g or more per unit. Considering you just starved the market and reposted, your prices can be high and you can post for long periods of time and utilize high profit and low deposit loss risk. I remember I used to do that a lot with low tier goods, there's very minimal risk in buying out the market when rates are dirt cheap and huge margins for profit to be made in the period where no one's wise to the inflation stunt you just pulled. With just a handful of sales you recoup your intitial investment and even if you don't sell many beyond that, in the worst case, you'll be sitting on a bunch of free goods. This is always good for the next time you pull the stunt or you find those one off buyers levelling a profession that are begging for simple raw goods at stupidly high prices, just because they want to burn through levelling it. It never hurts to have a small stock of everything, unless your space is limited. But I try not to ever let space be a factor. I own more guilds and guild bank tabs than I know what to do with.

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    This was essentially how I made my first 5K or so, except I only focused on 1 item - abyss crystals. I would flip them for profit over and over and over. It really helped me to get a better handle on the flow of the AH. I would get familiar with good times to buy, good times to sell, got a good feel for varying stack sizes, etc.

    Sometimes I would go a week or so without any sales, but eventually, the market would climb back up to where I was waiting. The most important thing about these markets, I would say, is patience. As pointed out above, it really isn't costing you anything to have your auctions up, so don't get desperate and try and force sales.

    All in all, definitely a great opportunity for up-and-coming Goblins. Low risk, and a nice way to start to familiarize yourself with some of the trends of your server's economy. Also, if you are looking to expand from here, both inscription and enchanting (scrolls) use low-deposit items as their main source of profit, so it might be a nice transition.

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    Very true... the scrolls are super cheap to list. Another low deposit item are the lower level rare twink items and rare recipes and pets. For instance the recipe Dirge's Kickin' Chimaerok Chops deposit is 7.44 silver and the First Mate hat is 20.64 for 48 hour deposit listings. However, like the above mentioned markets, they too take patience to sell.

    Also, the new darkmoon cards are relatively cheap to list considering the thousands that they sell for right now.
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    Just a quick update on what I've been selling.

    In the last few days about 20 stacks of both Arcane and Infinite dust at over 100-150g per stack. It's always on the AH at 40g a stack or less but still my auctions sell.
    PROFIT: 2000g Approx

    About 20 stacks of herbs have also gone - briarthorn, Wild Steelbloom, Liferoot and deadnettle for around 100g per stack. You can buy them right now for about 20g a stack. Goldthorn sells at 15g a single!

    PROFIT: 1400g Approx

    Lots of illusion dust at 9g each single.

    Lots of bolt of linen and copper bar at 15g each stack. I can't seem to put enough copper bars on the AH and yet the ore is constantly available at 3g a stack or even less! It's one ore for one bar so 12g profit per stack - easy money. I smelted 100 stacks of ore about a week ago and the bars are already gone.
    PROFIT: 1500g Approx

    TOTAL PROFIT: 5000g approx

    All of these items are constantly available at 1/4 of the price I'm selling them for and have low deposits. I just log on every now and again and post 20 stacks of several items from the list were the markets look a bit low on stock or prices have jumped in the last few hours.

    Like several posters have said, if you are just starting out - this is the ideal strategy for making gold with little risk. You'll also learn about the markets for these commodities and you'll be able to apply what you learn to other more involved markets in the future. I also made my first load of gold doing this and I still enjoy it to this day.
    "Money is not the most important thing in the world. Love is. Fortunately, I love money." - Jackie Mason



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