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    server transfer conundrum

    Hi, all. I recently began transferring my toons to a high-pop server. The first one brought over a vial of the sands. I've had great success selling them for 40-45k on my original server. However, on the new server there is a level 1 selling 8 of them below my cost. I have a level 12 alt that I made on the new server just to check things out and I'm considering sending the Vial back to my original server on the alt just to get a profit off of the Vial. If I go with that option, I would sell the Vial on my original server & bring the gold to the new server on my next transfer. As far as I see it, my choices are: 1) sell the vial for below my cost; 2) just hold on to the Vial indefinitely until the market changes; or 3) spend $25 on a transfer fee for lvl 12 alt to make a 10k-15k gold profit (only counting one transfer fee since I will be transferring from old server to new server regardless).

    Please offer any advice or wisdom to share. Thanks.
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    If gold isn't a big issue, I would suggest holding it until the players come back for WoD. The other guy is probably just doing what you did, but wants quick gold faster than "good" gold.

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    Even if IRL money was no issue, I would still find it a waste to transfer back to your old server just to make 10-12k. Sell the Vial on the new server and find other things to bring over from your old server as you transfer alts.

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    Are you bringing a JC char over? Or plan on leveling one? You can buy instead of vials. Compare prices for living steel on both servers. If living steel is cheaper on your current server, buy 4 bars per orb and craft the panther mounts on your new server. You should be able to break even and if you're lucky make some profit.
    Alternatively you can sell the orbs directly over trade chat, slightly below the vendor price cost.

    Check out the prices for sha crystals. On my home server they're 30-50g each. On the high populated servers I play on they're 70-130g each.
    Live to win.



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