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    Pristine Hide Seller

    Hello everyone,

    I haven't seen a new post around here discussing any easy ways to flip new Cata items for a profit, so I figured I'd post a real quick way to make some easy gold.

    is the new Arctic Fur of the xpac, and is pretty rare. Or is it? Turns out that you can buy this item for 10x in Twilight Highlands from the Leather Trader. This is just like back near the end of Wrath when you could trade Frozen Orbs for Elementals, except this one has a better turn of profit.

    Currently on my server, you can get 10x for about 400g, and the is selling for 550 on average. After AH cut, that's still only a 100g profit. However, the Pristine Hide can be used for 10 items currently, of those 10 the best selling item is . That also costs 20x , which costs around 20g on my server currently. So it would cost 800g to craft one of those. These things are going for 1800g on my server currently, with only TWO up! This means that this market would be obscenely easy to corner and dominate.

    I personally have flipped about 50 pristine hides that I got from people selling Heavy Savage Leather in trade for much cheaper than AH, but I have also bought and and had a LW craft them into . This usually ends up costing me 20% less of the price of the scraps, but requires a decent amount of time if you're a LW (which is reduced via the use of a macro since it's an on-use effect).

    All in all, this has been a great profit for me in Cata, and is one of the easiest. I hope that people use this to their advantage, as it is a great way to make some quick and easy gold.

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    Just wanted to give a thank you for this post. I figured that there would be a similar thing to Arctic Fur (in Dal) for Cataclysm - just didn't know it was implemented yet.

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    Thanks for the tip Cokeroft, my servers prices are almost identical to yours and will earn me a nice penny, thanks and +rep!
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    Interesting. Using napkin math, mobile AH and some Wowhead data, I get the following:

    1 Hide = 10 Heavy Savage = 50 Savage Leather = 250 Savage Leather Scraps

    Hides are up for just over 800g, and based on leather prices it's not worth it for me. Something I'll keep an eye on, though.

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    Knew of this trick sine the start of cata, but on my server both the epic leg enchants go fo 900-1000g which is about the same as the mats cost so no profit on that. But you can buy a stack of savage leather for 200g and hides goes for 500-600g so if you put em at the right trime on ah you can make a little profit. I miss the start of cata when leg enchants went for 2000g each

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    Ya, I just checked, same here

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    Same with me, the prices aren't working in my favor. Damn AH!!
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    This is a great strategy on my server. Every time you convert to a higher leather youre profits increase. If you jump all the way from scraps to pristine it's a huge gain.

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    i stopped checking the leather prices a while back. but current prices...
    scraps = 1.75g
    leather = 8g
    heavy = 52g
    hide = 500g
    fire = 21g
    armor = 950g

    looks like the best returns are selling heavy leather.

    when i leveled LW the best point to enter for me was the scaps.
    at the time the prices were more like 1g - 10g - 100g -800g

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    Be sure to check it periodically. The WoW economy is still in a pretty heavy state of flux. I've noticed that Pristine Hide prices jump on the weekend and fall a little during the week. Weekends can be prime time to capitalize on this trade up of leather to hide.

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