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    Mobile Armory - Remote Auction House

    I posted a short blog about my thoughts on the service after having it for one month. I am curious as to if anyone else is currently using it and what their opinion is about it.

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    Wont let me view the link, i dont have permission

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    Permissions are fixed.

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    Who's allowed to view the blog because I can't go there.

    I've been considering subscribing to this I'd be interested to hear what others have to say as well as read the blog post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nasdaq View Post
    Who's allowed to view the blog because I can't go there.

    I've been considering subscribing to this I'd be interested to hear what others have to say as well as read the blog post.
    The link points to Allaphon's post in the old blog section. We closed down this section because it was fragmenting content. Blogs are now found in the blogger's corner forum. This forum is still a work in progress. Eventually, bloggers won't have to manually enter their content here, as it will be pulled automatically via RSS from their blog.

    Edit: I replaced the link with a valid one.
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    Very concise. I only used the app during the beta, but I echo pretty much everything you wrote. It definitely helped me get some sales that I would have otherwise missed. But still, though $2.99 is less than the price a fancy coffee, I didn't feel like it was worth the money to further the enjoyment of our subsection of the game.

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    I find the Remote AH to be valuable. mainly just for my ability to check my auctions and sales while bored at work. But it does have some great abilities.

    1. you can post auctions out of your bag/mail and bank regardless of where you are logged in the world (maybe bank alt at the consortium)
    2. You can post in the Neutral AH with just a simple click. This is great for Cross faction pet trading... sell your tabby's and buy your white kittens
    3.grabbing 50 sold auctions at once is a great time saver.... even with add ons it still takes a minute or so to clear out your mailbox!

    Love Acadia

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    For maximum effect:

    * Set up Undermine Journal's notifications to your email
    * Retrieve the notice from TUMJ, log in to mobile armory, snag what you're looking for.

    This week I've snagged several bonuses because people are clearing their banks out and don't know values.

    I got the MA the day it was released, and while I let it lapse after 30 days, I renewed for the Patch because I'm looking for certain things and doing it only at prime-time was proving impossible.

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    I've been subscribing since it was released, but just cancelled as the latest update breaks the ability to import the authenticator code if its on the same device, i.e. iphone. Otherwise I love it
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    I recently bought an iPad and I've been using the mobile app in between stops at work. While you can't keep up with larger markets such as Glyphs, it's been great for smaller markets like gems where I really only sell a small group of items. I've gotten speeder at canceling and reposting items and it's netted me sales I wouldn't otherwise have had. Not to mention the few times I've grabbed large postings of leather or ore at low prices that I would have missed otherwise. I think they could make improvements but I defiantly feel like I've gotten my 3 bucks worth.



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