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    Relisting in high competition?

    My auctions don't move faster prportional to the bigger amount players in evning time play.

    I post and cancel as fast as loading time allows.

    Maybe it was just a slow Sunday, but I made like 3x profit Sat if not 4.

    Is the optimal way to relist to post, cancel, post cancel.

    Or is there a way to post, post, post, post, cancel?

    How do you relist?

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    Like max post = 10, increment post is 2? No tsm function for this?

    Looked couldn't find. My competitors would hate me so bad.

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    My gems/enchants posting on a massive pop realm goes like this for me:
    - high selling gems: stack of 20 on my seller, list 2
    - low selling gems: stacks of 5 on my seller, list 1
    - sha crystal enchants: stacks of 20 on my seller, list 2
    - other enchants: stacks of 5 on my seller, list 1
    I continuously repost, till I start to see empty holes in my bags. Posting cycle can take up to 10 minutes on peak times (AH is soooo slow).
    Then I cancel all gems and enchants. And restart the continuous posting cycles.

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    Good info.

    Yeah my lists are a mess. Need to reshuffle the bulk sell ench stuff with bulk gems in my lists so I can skip sitting and clicking for each damn time I post/cancel. :/

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