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    Glyph market still worth the effort?

    Hey guys , I'm new to the gold making "underground" , and I've been reading some tips about Inscription and so , and selling thousands of glyphs everyday , I've made some investments and crafted lots of different types of glyphs , but they seem to just be not selling on the AH , I'm afraid I made a bad mistake doing this... Any tips or opinions about that kind of market? Thank you bery much.

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    Glyphs for me are selling well (still pulling in 3-4k a day by only posting once every 48 hours) but I'm still running of the stock that I stocked up before 4.0.3a (before the ink trader change I had 5-16 of every glyph and a fairly healthy supply of all the inks). But my supply is running dry and it's not enough profit at the moment to craft glyphs with the new Blackfallow ink (or at least use that ink to trade down).

    You should read Sterling's post on the homepage: for some information about current inscription sellers / interesting information.
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    I'm a latecomer to Inscription myself, getting into it after 4.0.3, so I've had to do it the hard way also.

    "The hard way" being making all of the different inks manually, rather than converting IotS.

    What I've done is buy any and all herbs (above earthroot) that are listed at 20g/stack or less. Sometimes I'll pay 25g if I really need a certain type of ink. I'll mill it all and make all the inks. I've found that I can make about 2 glyphs per stack of herbs. So at 20g per stack, my cost is about 10g per glyph.

    I then use Zeroauctions and run a scan to see what the glyphs I can make are going for. I focus on making the stuff that's going for 30g-40g+ and ignore the crap that's being flooded at 10g-20g.

    So after making a couple hundred higher-cost glyphs, I post a few of each, undercutting by 1cp. Here again, Zeroauctions is a huge help in terms of mass posting and mass cancelling. I'll typically cancel/repost a few times a day. I've found that the glyph market is much more competitive than other markets I've been involved in.

    That little operation has worked out to a pretty consistant 1000g-1500g per day for me for the past month. I buy the herbs during the day from my phone using the remote AH. Once or twice a week I'll take an hour or so and mill a bunch of herb and make new glyphs. The other days are just cancelling/reposting. Not too bad.

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    I guess I don't follow the OP, you are selling thousands everyday but they aren't selling?

    Glyphs depend on the server, types you are making, and frequency. I'm having good luck with them and I don't post every single one and I only post once a day. I'm not making thousands per day or anything because I don't really care about the market, but I do make enough to where I would continue staying in it. Prices over here are 60-100g per, and those are the bulk of my sales.

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    hey zero -- this reminds me, even though it isn't really the right place for it: I have a feature request for zero auctions. I'd like it if you could set a different fallback for when there is competition under your threshold versus when you are falling back because there is no competition, or it is all higher than your fallback.

    Ideally, I'd like the "post anyway at X price when you can't undercut above your threshold" algorithm be to ignore the lowest seller and then post as normal if you can -- if not, ignore the next lowest seller and try again, etc. recursively until you can post something. So the idea is that you would undercut the lowest seller who is above your threshold, rather than posting at the fallback price anytime someone is under your threshold.

    Alternately just having a low-competition fallback that is different from the no/high competition fallback like I mentioned at first would be at least much better than the current situation. Right now I fall back to 50g, but I know I'm leaving some money on the table for glyphs that are selling higher. But if I set my fallback to 80-100g, I would lose sales at 50g when the cheap stuff goes away on items that nobody is likely to pay 100 for. I don't know maybe higher setting is the right move given what I've got to work with, but I know that having a 30-40g fallback for under threshold competition and a 100g fallback for no or ultra-high competition would surely make me more money than I'm making now.

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    GnomeOZurich i hacked in something myself to do what you are wanting.
    my version undercuts the first auation above my threshold.

    if there are sales at 1g 5g 10g 20g and 50g
    if my undercut is 10s, threshold is 7g and fallback is 25g

    ZA (QA3) default behaviours (depending on setting) is to not post at all, or to post at fallback of 25g.
    my altered version would list my auctions at 9g90s.

    it works realy well when there is only a few low priced auctions that sell out from under my listing and leave me the best at some stage during my 48 hour listing period.

    unfortunately my code is very ugly and certaintly not of release quality.
    i belive it actually disables part of the normal functionality of ZA.

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    Hm , that's interesting... I'll try some other strategies then...
    Oh and Zero , I meant that the guides I read told that you could sell thousands of glyphs every day and that is not happening to me...hahaha , thanks guys!

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    The glyph market is traditionally quite hard to get into and it's generally only well established scribes that make the extravagant sales and large sums of gold, this is mainly down to the fact the best sellers are mostly learnt from aspects like daily research and as they are daily it can take a long time to get a full inventory of decent glyphs to sell.

    Another thing that will hinder newcomers for the short term at least is the fact the better scribes will have bought huge stockpiles of cheap inks before the ink trader was changed to blackfallow only. Personally i have around 30k of inks i produced at around 5g each.
    If your new or didn't prepare and stuck with trading down blackfallow inks they currently cost 25-30g each to produce(on my server), so a glyph costs me 15g to create and it would cost you 60g+ to make, thus i can sell it for much less than you and still make a large profit in this case.

    What is actually causing your issues may be down to a lot of issues, there could simply be a lot of competition on your server, you could have a resident AH camper who sits on the AH undercutting constantly, your competition could simply be able to sell glyphs lower than you.
    You haven't said anything at all about your operation or your server so it's hard to comment or give advice on what you could try or do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by heateco View Post
    Hey guys , I'm new to the gold making "underground" , and I've been reading some tips about Inscription and so , and selling thousands of glyphs everyday , I've made some investments and crafted lots of different types of glyphs , but they seem to just be not selling on the AH , I'm afraid I made a bad mistake doing this... Any tips or opinions about that kind of market? Thank you bery much.
    I got into inscription about a month ago, expecting the second "Glyphmas" to wisk me away to untold riches. When Cataclysm hit, I felt a lot like Ponce De Leon must have felt after venturing into the Florida swamps looking for the fountain of youth. It's not all bad - I've made about 12k off glyphs over the last two weeks (posting 3-4 times daily). But, it's no "Glyphmas" - if anything, it's more like a Glyph-Hanukkah.

    Some Auctioneers will no doubt feel that their Glyph market is not worth the time invested in milling pigments, crafting inks, and making glyphs. That's truly a judgment call, though. The glyph market will wane soon, as the number of new & returning players trails off. However, there are several other opportunities for scribes that are fully leveled to cash in on - the latest being fortune cards.

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    I got back into glyphs right around Cata's release. I was smart enough to exchange a bunch of ink before the 4.0.3a change, but I'm still stuck with an abundance of IotS (not a huge deal for me). My scribe made around 8k over the past two weeks -- it's definitely glyph-Hannukah. For every glyph I sell at >100g, I sell 3 at 15g. It takes a decent bankroll to get moving, but the money is still there. It also requires a lot more maintenance than I may be willing to contribute. That being said, tomorrow is my last day of work for the year, so I'll be working to keep a presence through the holidays.

    It's currently cheaper to buy the herbs at a given tier and make inks that way, versus just buying blackfallow. Luckily, milling and inking is AFK, so you can restock while you're watching football.



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