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    Stock up on fish for the new feast

    this is my first post here and I hope its worthwhile. I searched for smiliar posts and found a few about the fish feast but none of them included buying the fish.

    Well, I looked into this feast because I'm in a raiding guild. We don't have it yet because no one is motivated enough to catch so much fish and thus we are using the barbecue. I think quite a few guilds, especially 10-man guilds won't have it right now.

    As I looked into the AH I noticed that the Lavascale Catfish and the Highland Guppy are really cheap. The third ingredient is used for Agi-food and therefore expensive, but I suggest to buy the other two whenever possible because they will definitely get very expensive as soon as more guilds get this recipe and want to use this feast.

    So you can either sell these fish with profit or farm the third ingredient and make the feast to sell it with high profit as soon as you get the recipe.

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    As having recently levelled cooking, Deepsea Sagefish is a major pain.



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