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    120 Gold Per Minute

    So, since Cata went live, I have hit upon an easy, fool-proof (for now) method of making gold with my enchanting toon. Simply follow the steps below.

    1. Have an enchanter to level 450 (475 is preferred but you can get away without it)
    2. Go to the AH in weapons type in level 78 and perform a search.
    3. Sort weapons by buyout price
    4. Buy any Cata greens under 35g (remember to keep to iLevel 300 and lower if you aren't 475)
    5. Repeat steps 2-4 only in armor tab
    6. D/E all items
    7. IMPORTANT. Do not list Hypnotic Dust in singles. Sell in stacks of 20, at a price higher than the going price of singles. If singles are going for 30 g a piece (my server price), I sell stacks of 20 for 700 gold (or 35 a piece). I have yet to have a stack not sell within an twenty minutes.
    8. Keep alert on prices for Greaters and Lessers . Post accordingly.

    Note: I decided to experiment with this two nights ago. I removed all gold with the exception of 400g from my enchanter. After buying, de'ing and posting twice (once a night), a feat which only took 15 mins. I am currently over 4.1k gold. total profit 3600g /30 mins = 120 Gold Per Minute!

    Half Assed Goldmaking - When going all out isn't an option

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    I just tried this. Out of 41 pages of weapons/armor, there was only one item <= 35g that had a buyout price...

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    I have done this a million time in both Wotlk and Cata, and never been able to come even close to your out come.

    I checked the AH this morning and found 1 cata item at under 40G (1 on Horde side and 0 in Ally side)