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    Jewelcrafting daily gem flip.

    First I would like to say hello to everyone and thankyou for providing a great website.
    I am relatively new to this forum and this is my first actual gold making post.

    So far my Jewelcrafter has done two different daillies that require you to cut and turn in gems. If you do a cut and make a perfect gem it counts for the 'CUT" part of the quest but you will need to find another cut gem to replace the perfect gem for the turn in.

    . The raw gem sells for around 25g and up and spikes to over 100g on daily day
    . Cut gem sells for sub 20g and spikes to over 100g on the daily day.

    . Had the daily for the first time today and the raw gems were 150g and up
    . None on the AH I would assume that it would follow the same course as the Zephyrite.

    Checking on Wowhead there is also a daily for .
    Currently the raw is listed for 18g - 45g
    the Cut gem is listed for 9g

    Prices will vary depending on server.
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    From the hotfixes:

    The gem cuts Timeless Nightstone, Jagged Jasper, and Solid Zephyrite can no longer create perfect versions of the cut.

    No more cut gem shuffle, but of course the daily demand still will spike for the raw.