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    Best way to transfer gold H to A

    Hi! A few days ago i transferred all my gems to the horde side via the neutral AH and its been going great so far, i'm making about 3X the profit i did on alliance. I think that i will have about 500K on the horde side within a few weeks. My problem is that im not 100% sure how im going to transfer the gold back to alliance. I would prefer not to use a paid faction change or lose gold to the neutral AH fee. Got any suggestions on what items i should buy on the horde side to transfer to alliance?
    I'm playing on EU outland.

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    The very safest way would be pets.
    It might even be the fastest, depending on your ah.
    Other than that, the only way to move without paying blizzard would be to use the neutral ah to move mats... but that does entail risk.(someone could snipe it)

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    I'm not to worried about sniping, i got a few tricks to help with that. What i do is that i put about 200X crystal vials for 1C each and 200X for 3C each. I then put a stack of Ghost iron ores for 2C and if nobady buys it within 3 mins i start transferring stuff. Im more or less wondering what items i should transfer to resell since horde and alliance AH on outland is very different

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    Raw mats. Use your gold there to drop your raw materials buy price by a few gold a stack while still getting the same amount of supplies. Personally, I just leave the gold there, but I have over 2m on my main faction so I don't have much to worry about. But yes pets are a great way, or if you're planning on buying the sky golem, buy it horde side for your personal use.

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    In addition to what has been mentioned above, keep an eye out for anything of reasonable value (MoP blues/epics, patterns, transmog, ect) that can be moved that you can sell for no less then 90% of what you pay for it. You can move the gold directly by listing some cheap item at an obscene price but you will take a 15% cut doing that.

    I have not been able to move gold off Horde (where I AH crafted goods) to Ally (my main side) quickly enough, in truth, doing due to the size of the Horde AH, but that's the cost of doing business where you have a faction discrepancy. I'm able to move the most gold by picking up Darkmoon cards, decks, and trinkets. Other stuff is sort of rare.

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    Also feel I should strongly recommend that you never list an item below it's sell to vendor price. There are scans that can be done that quickly and easily identify everything below vendor sell, but if you keep slightly higher than that - you're in the clear for most searches like that.

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    I should also mention that Ghost iron Ore is also not always the best way to spot a neutral AH sniper... as they often have filters so they only buy rare or epic items... I often transfer cheap herbs/ore from Ally to horde this way as Herbs are like 25g p/stack on one side and 50g for ore... whilst the other is like 35g and 65g lol Since I do hundreds weekly it makes a difference. I know the snipers when they are on and when I transfer they don't buy any of it... even at 5c. I throw up worthless blue item... INSTANT buy out... so be careful

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    Ok, the reason why i use the ghost iron ore to fish for snipers is that most of the time that i have used the neutral AH it has been to transfer ores and simulair trade items. I think that enchanting mats will be the best way to get the gold back to ally since they are somewhat close in prices.

    I will remember to post things above vendor price, thats a very good idea. The last time i transferred gems it cost about 15K in deposits, haha.

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    On azshara, I have millions on both sides.
    At first all my gold was horde and I moved primordial saronite to alliance , it was selling for more than horde side.
    I was so happy.
    But I never could figure how to move the actual gold from alliance back to horde.
    So I buy trade goods, ore, herbs, leather cloth on alliance side , and move it horde side.
    I have been using two accounts side wrath. Its expensive but it is the fastest way I have made millions.

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    I guess what I'm missing in this thread is even moving items back and forth across from H to A or vice versa is the Neutral AH cut. I recently needed 25K on Alli side to buy some pets for a friend who collects, and they were cheaper on Alli by a long shot. Using two accounts (mine and hubby's,) I post one one, and snipe on the other. But in the end, I ended up with a little over 21K... I was SO disappointed. *Obviously* I posted the wrong items. Sooooo, I noticed this thread. - Are there items that the NAH *won't* take such a huge cut?
    I'm not talking about the NAH posting fees, but the cut when the item sells.
    Buying gold just isn't for me, and things like battle pats have seriously different prices between factions on my server, and we're very Alli heavy, so selling *anything* on horde is a long term investment. Trying to find a better way of doing this, that one hurt.
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