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    Start stockpiling Volatile Life now

    I don't know about the rest of you but I made a killing flipping during the first 3-4 days of the expansion by buying out all units below 30g (a lot of single unit auctions along with some small stacks) and reposting the whole lot 50g/unit in one giant stack(110+ units).

    Now that the Darkmoon Faire has retreated to the Twisting Nether for the rest of the month, now is the time to put Volatile Life on your snatch list because it'll get pretty cheap (on my server it's now 9g, down from 14g last night) in the next few weeks. My prediction is that the next time the DMF comes around, most if not all of the raiding guilds on your server will be back to their full time raiding schedule and will have basically "finished" running heroics and will be spending big to maximize their performance. A big part of maximizing performance for most classes will come in the form of Darkmoon Faire cards which, by next month, every scribe will be wanting to make to cash in on what will be the biggest demand period for these trinkets.

    Since Volatile Life is the linchpin ingredient, I plan to stockpile Volatile Life into the thousands if I can since each card costs a whopping 30 units to make. I recommend you do the same and cash in when the time comes!

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    i'm a bit hessitant to stockpile volatiles (of any sort) in large numbers at the moment.
    it is true i have been buying them in large numbers under 11g to resell for 35g-55g immediately.
    my main concern is the fact they stack to 200. i'm worried they are equivalent to motes / crystalized rather than primal / eternal.
    i think the price is currently much higher than it will eventually drop to.

    look at the vendor prices
    mote 4s
    primal 40s
    crystallised 6s
    eternal 60s
    volatile 8s75

    while i doubt volatiles will stabilise at crytalised prices (1g-4g) any time soon
    i believe people will have them below eternal prices (10g-40g) fairly quickly.

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    I don't understand the point you're trying to make with the vendor price comparison. There is no mote/eternal system in Cataclysm. Volatiles are the only (known) elemental building block used for crafting.

    While I agree that 6 months out the volatiles market will probably be somewhere around WLK Eternal prices (because of inflation), the point of my post is that demand for Volatile Lifes will skyrocket to unprecedented levels for the January Darkmoon Faire. To meet that demand and cash in big, start stockpiling now.

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    Volatile Life is a lynchpin material for multiple professions and is worth investing in as soon as possible. I think DMF cards are only the tip of the iceberg.

    I know Markco mentioned V.Fires as being a good source for flipping and such, but I think Life is at least equal.

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    Don't forget that herb/ore node spawns have also been nerfed, so the glut of Volatiles on the market should start drying up in a couple days.

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    In the world of bulls and bears, I'm bearish on everything.

    I wouldn't stock up on these at this moment in time only because it's the release of the expansion. You shouldn't be stocking up on a single item that is related to Cataclysm because you're going to get hurt, and hurt really, really bad. Like all expansions, we're in a deflationary market right now. Your target market is the early adopters at this time. Buy, sell immediately, rinse, repeat. It happens all the time.

    I could be wrong, though. If you profit from stockpiling them this early on, then more power to you.

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    I agree with you Zero. I don't think any of the base materials are going to increase in price. However, many of the things crafted by people leveling professions do stand a chance to gain in value. There are a LOT of potions and elixirs selling for 1-2g right now. Given the price of materials, this is absurdly low and many of them are extremely useful. I've actually been buying them at those prices just to use them. For example, is selling for 1-1.5g each on my server right now.

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    Personally I think the logic is sound, but we are in a deflationary market right now. I'm leery of trying this simply because I don't know what the prices for Volatile Life would be in 2-3 weeks. However, I think that the demand is so huge for Volatile Life right now that it makes sense to instead trim the bottom bits off the market, bump median price up, and relist. Kind of like a Glyph reset but only much higher risk/reward. If you're finding you can't sell your Volatile Life, well there's always the DMF to come and rescue you, a potentially very profitbale resuce.

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    I have stopped selling the ones I get while gathering but I am not going to buy a bunch up unless the prices are super low

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    The way you determine whether these are equivalent to crystallized or eternal is to look at supply and demand. The recipes that use them, generally demand an amount that is far greater than the eternal cost of similar items in wrath. If volatiles were are hard to come by as eternals, the price would stablize *much* higher than anybody is currently selling for -- probably higher than primal air for anything with serious demand.

    But eternals pretty much never dropped in wrath, nor did primals in BC -- you got motes, or crystallized, and made eternals from them. So it took 10 drops to get 1 eternal.

    Comparing the drop rates of volatiles and crystallized, they look pretty similar.

    If volatile == crystallized, then they've basically decided to let you compact them by having them stack to 200, rather than have a separate item that represents 10 of them.

    I believe this is the case, and that, unless there is some crucial bottleneck for farming, all volatiles will end up under 10g once things settle out, and easy to obtain ones like life will probably be under 5g. That makes speculation very risky.



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