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    Eliminating the middleman for extra profit.

    Hey guys and girls, first off let me just say thank you to everyone who comprises this fantastic community I've been reading these forums daily for months now and I'm not sure why it took me so long to actually join up.

    My tip is potentially very variable in it's probability for success as in the event the target does not take the bait, so to speak, your commodities could be tied up for several days in someone elses inbox. Let me explain..

    I have 2 jewelcrafters at the moment and as many of you other jewelcrafters know you would have recently gained access to your first blue cut. I chose Brilliant and Solid cuts strange choices you may be thinking as these are very popular cuts that attract much competition I know on my server there are 6-7 people with each right now religiously posting.

    What I've been doing is cutting out the middleman completely (the AH) the first method is obvious advertising on trade chat can result in extra sales however many people ignore trade or simply aren't around when you advertise. I tried something else I didn't expect to work nearly as well as it did. When I first learnt these cuts I researched the most progressed guilds on my server and singled out tanks and ranged dps to these people I COD'd ~3 of the appropriate gem to each for approximately 450gold I had a lot of gems stockpiled after buying elementium constantly for the past few days.

    I expected little success doing this and was suprised when I pulled in thousands of gold when I relogged 4 hours later. I have since tried the same with other trade goods targetting appropriate people. COD'ing truegold to maxxed engineers (they need for epic helms) etc. While some do decline to buy your goods a lot of people do. Another benefit is some that have not purchased the items I sent them have contacted me later saying 'hey man I saw your items in the mail they're too expensive could you go cheaper' the prices have dropped considerably since I was selling for 450/per so I can certainly sell them large quantities of gems at cheaper prices whilst still turning a hefty profit.

    So if like me you have been posting your gems or other valuable items on the auction house and find yourself being constantly undercut OR people are just not buying. As I believe there are still many players who are not aware blue gems are starting to become available. Even if they decline to buy your goods it puts you on players minds when in the future they are looking for other gems or trade goods. I have quite a steady business now of people asking me for additional gems... tanks are eating up my solid gems like M&Ms I can't get enough uncut gems.

    One thing to note some people don't like unwanted goods in their inboxes only send a couple of items preemptively they wont take kindly to a million unwanted gems and write a friendly note don't just thrust your items upon them.

    Hope this is in the right forum and hope it encourages some of you to think outside the box a little and make some extra gold!

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    Hey Zeep welcome to the forums

    It's actually a really nice idea, you could even include a little note with your CoD advertising your services, you could mention any other gem cuts you have and even anything else significant that your alts might be able to craft with other professions too.

    The only downside is that if the player is inactive or something, you need to wait 3 days for the mail to be automatically returned to you.
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    Yeah that's the main issue the best way to address this would be to send only 1 of your items and like you said to include a note saying oh hey I got plenty more where this came from, negotiable price, x other cuts etc. If they want more they will remember you and friend list you.

    One thing I didn't address is the success of this method is probably quite time sensitive in that once gem cuts become really common and the AH is full of them and truegold etc people will already have their goods after a quick AH search. The benefit of being the first to have cuts or the first to have truegold is that your supplying for a massive demand, most people are preoccupied leveling and on a 56k+ auction server I cant cut enough solid sapphires to anywhere near meet it. If they have the items sitting in their mail box they will be inclined to buy assuming your prices are competitive.



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