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    Determining Shuffle Profitability?

    I'm not very good at math and calculating things. I need to find out if doing the shuffle and selling the ench mats I get from Ornate bands and Shadowfire rings is profitable or not on my server, but I don't know how to calculate it :/

    I am on US - Sargeras (A). It's high pop, alliance majority.
    I have JC/Ench Alchemy/Inscrip and Mining/Herbs maxed.

    I pay 60-65g per stack for my ore from private buyers.
    I don't know how to calculate how much spirit dust I get per stack or ore :/ (If I could figure this out, I could set my prices for my spirit dust to where I'd be making profit because it sells so fast on the ah.)
    If someone could help me work this out I'd greatly appreciate it

    Also, I should say that I cut my rare gems that I get.
    And, I use some of the enchant mats I get for enchants but they can only sell so fast. I'll still end up with an overabundance of dust :/
    Oh and I've tried using the Golden Crusade Spreadsheet, but I don't know how accurate it is for what I'm looking for :/
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    As a quick look at eth JC market cutting rare gems are not massively profitable at this time on night but it is the weekend and that can mess with the numbers

    The 450 Jewellery is mostly profitable, with regards the dust your biggest profit will be trading it up to Mysterious Essense

    however a lot of enchants seem profitable

    the easiest way to work it out is the vendor price of the ring is just under 9 gold so for dust to be more profitable you need to be getting 3 dust per ring/neck.

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    Thanks, but what I'm trying to find out is how much dust I get per stack of ore.
    As for cutting rare gems, it's more profitable to cut the gems than it is to sell them raw.

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    Xsinthis came out with a shuffling spreadsheet that should give you an idea, don't know the numbers off the top of my head, but check it out

    There's another one on the Consortium, but I can't find the original thread, but here's a link to the news post.



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