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    4.0.3 and Darkmoon Card: Greatness

    I'm going to be turning in a bunch of Nobles decks to the Darkmoon Faire.

    Out of the four versions of the Greatness card, is the +90 strength still the best as far as resale value goes?

    The four options are...
    +90 Intellect
    +90 Spirit
    +90 Agility
    +90 Strength

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    +90 Agility is a good one too

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    I did the Insane grind and as an effect of that I turned loads of these cards in.
    I always grabbed an equal amount of +90 strength and +90 agility trinkets but found that the strength ones were being sold off a lot quicker. As in weeks to months quicker.

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    For what it's worth, I've also noticed that my STR gems have been selling much, much faster than my AGI gems. I guess more people are rerolling warriors, paladins and death knights than rogues, cats and hunters.

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    According to an insane guy on my realm who bought a *lot* of snowfall ink from me, the intellect doesn't sell that well, even though it's actually a pretty decent card for casters with the 4.0.1 changes -- I picked one up fairly cheap from him, that'll I'll put on my (crap geared) mage if I can't flip it.



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