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    Scroll Master version for Inscription

    I have been looking for the Scroll Master version for Inscription and have not found any.

    For those who do not know what Scroll Master is or how it works, it is an addon that scans your AH for the cost of materials and the current AH listing of enchanting scrolls. It than does a profit margin comparison and display it by gear slot. There are room for improvements for Scroll Master but that is for another thread.

    Now with new rerolls picking up Inscription and posting glyphs for less than 1 gold, the entire glyph market is now very tricky and finding profitable glyphs to craft-to-sell is a tedious process.

    Thanks in advance for folks can help in this.
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    You should check out SlyProfts. I think this will do what you're looking for. You may need to fiddle with it a bit to get it to import your recipes (log your alchemist is import alchemy recipes, etc), but it scans the AH for the products and materials and gives you a crafting cost and profit price based on current market prices.

    I just got this myself, so I'm not versed in it, and I cannot say whether it's the best thing since sliced bread or not, but it looks promising.
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    If I had any skill with making mods whatsoever, I'd write something similar to Scroll Master but also include an export of the AH scan that includes glyphs currently not supplied or undersupplied. Or Glyphs that are over/undermarket. Auctioneer Appraiser can kind of do this if you have ALL the Glyphs in your inventory and are willing to scroll through to view the blue/green/yellow/orange/red.

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    Use auction profit master post all your glyphs then sort bid price and cancel those that are not profitable IE under 10 -15 g. You open your self up to some vulnerability but I generally post 3 or 4 times a day and only in singles.

    If they posting glyphs under a G then you should be buying them I don't care what they are its pretty much below vendor cost of the herbs involved.

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    There is an addon coming out soon that uses every single profession and does the same thing scroll master does. It's basically Scroll Master/APM Combined into one. It is currently in the Alpha stage of testing. Read more info here
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    I just use APM's get data for all glyphs then queue up the highest selling ones. I know if doesn't list the mats cost like ScrollMaster does, but honestly i haven't milled non cata herbs in weeks and am still sitting on a huge stock pile of inks from pre 4.03a exchanges. I wouldn't even be in the glyph market right now if i had to go thru milling various herbs to get specific inks =X

    And yes i agree about the glyph market as well, i've gone from selling 10-15 glpyhs a day to maybe 5. I'm lucky to bring in 300g a day now compared to the 1200-1500g pre cata...
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    I use ZeroAuctions and Auctioneers Snatch list to manage pretty much all of my Glyph selling. I log onto my selling alts and scan the AH for current prices. ZA will list each glyph by class and price and allow you to queue up as many of each glyph that you want to make. I have auctioneer set to auto-buy any herbs under certain prices, so that during the week I'm constantly stocking up on cheap herbs/ink and on the weekend I craft all the glyphs I need to restock. This works well because ZA allows you to only queue glyphs that sell above a certain price, or simply stock up on every glyph you can make.



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