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    Macro's and CKS to buy stuff from vendors(Gaudy Winter Veil Sweater)

    Hey all,
    With the recent finding of Gaudy winter veil sweater DE i decided to dig through some old posts and modify and old macro to help with it.

    The macro basically, buys an item from the vendor and DE's it.

    /run BuyMerchantItem(8,1)
    /use Lesser Magic Essence
    /cast Disenchant
    /use item:70923
    Let's Break it down.

    /run BuyMerchantItem(8,1) - This line buys 1 x Item 8 on the vendor, the items are counted Left to Right
    /use Lesser Magic Essence - Just So it doesn't fill up bag space with small essences.
    /cast Disenchant - Should know what this does already
    /use item:70923 - Gaudy winter veil sweater

    Basically, all you need to do is run CKS have that macro on your bar and point CKS to it every 4-5 seconds if DE'ing.

    I have also found this to be useful if camping rare recipes from a vendor, you can point it towards the location it should be at(Typically only if its the last item in a vendor otherwise it might buy crap)

    Who know's what else Gaudy winter veil sweaters are out there that can be DE'd.

    Cheer's jf
    <J311yf1sh> im gonna stare really hard at it and hope it works
    <J311yf1sh> thats how you program correct?
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    Wish I had seen this. I dualbox but with a different program, but same results. I would simply buy 60 sweaters and hide in a building nearby like a junkie getting his fix so that other people wouldn't see me disenchanting forever to generate more competition. But this buy more deal works great. Hopefully I get a situation to use it in the future.

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    Needs an annual bump.



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