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    Question- Auctioneer Resale

    I have just recently began using Auctioneer's Resale option- I like to use TUJ's market info to guage potential low listings. However, there are lots of overpriced/mispriced random items that clutter up the real deals, which can be very time consuming to go through.

    I know these listings are meant to trick careless users; but is there a way for me to remove them from that list? Perhaps something like "uncommon/rare items only"?
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    Go to the filters options in the search ui. If you want to preserve only uncommon/rare you need the itemQuality filter. Remember that the checkboxes are items you want to filter out, not items you want to see.

    In the search result window you can also click the button labeled "Ignore Price" to simply ignore a price (and above) for a specific item.



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