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    Checker for items


    I am new to TSM and this forum and looking forward for one thing,
    is there a option or addon what would check my bags or gbank if there is less than X items and annouce it someway?

    Exactly, I bought 20x "flour" from NPC and need to know when I have to resupply them (lets say they just has been sold)
    If I got less than 5 then I'd see some info about this or so and I'd know that I have to go to NPC again :P


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    I dont use TSM so take this post with a pinch of salt.

    Altoholic is a nice app to help find items etc. Hovering on an item will show how many of the item you have on that char and all your alts. It will tell you if they are in the chars bank or guild banks too and give you a total for that item. I find it useful to help track the amount of ore and herbs floating around in Azeroth's virtual mail system.

    I don't think it can be set to "announce" anything if you hit a low stock of said item though. Hovering on the item itself will tell you what you needed to know though.

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    It does the same thing as TSM_ItemTracker but I need to know what I am missing if item "X" is sold or so. Maybe if'd be for 5 items - it's easy to remember names and just check what is missing. But what if you got 30 different, stackable items and some of them are missing?

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    I am using

    --> counts the number of items in your bags and your bank



    Unfortunately both are not updated anymore, but so far working perfectly for me
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    It's exactly that what I am looking for.
    Thanks Trax!



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