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    Addon for tracking AH Listing Fees?

    I know there has to be someway of tracking this cost... I just can't find it!
    Anyone know?

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    I must admit I've always wondered how much I've ever spent on auction house deposits and auction house sale fees. Probably a very scary number haha.
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    I know right! I have to make a conscious effort to look at the profit margin of items that I think I may have relist more than 5 times if the 48hr deposit is high. It would be helpful to view this information. I still think there should be a way to track this... somehow! lol

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    I'm interested as well, specifically the total costs spent on each item.

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    Guess there must not be as this kinda died off! Shame really... Would be nice to keep track of, 'specially when it comes to the MoP Blue Rares, and other items that are more expensive to list.
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    I'd love to see something like this to track lost deposits/AH cuts on an item-by-item basis. Some items have big deposits and it can be hard to pinpoint down which items or know if you are netting a profit on any one item.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bacardee View Post
    I actually missed this reply. Good thing @heartbourne replied to the thread as it had me revisiting. It appears that Auditor is very dated. Would be awesome of there was a current version or a similar addon. Shame nobody knows... Seems like something that would be very useful to us gold goblins!
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    Actually, the more I read up on this Auditor the more it appears to be merely an overall gold tracker. It tracks the amount spent/earned per session. Which is a neat feature, but a feature I already have built into my Tukui (and never really pay much attention to). The only problem with it (for a banker wanting per item listing fees) is that it tracks ALL gold spent/earned. Not just gold spent on listing auctions or gold spent per item. However, if you list all your auctions (ONLY) and do not spend any gold making purchases, look at the dollar value for "Gold Spent this session" you will get an accurate total of what you spent on all your listings as a whole. You would then need to record this number somewhere and do a relog every time you made AH purchases to reset the totals. It will give you an overall total of listings fees if you play the record listing totals and log game, but it still does not break the fees down into listing costs/investment per item. When we spend upwards of 25g per item to list an item, and take into consideration the amount of times we cancelled, re-listed or just merely re-posted it due to the fact it didn't sell, it would be very interesting to see how that affects the profit margin for that item.
    I know that I buy a lot of rare blue/greens that I can flip for a profit. But if the listing fee is 20g and I listed it 5 times, that just ate 100g of my profit. I have no real way of knowing how much profit I am losing to listing fees...
    How many of you consider the listing fees on items you buy to flip and already have a rule of thumb in place? Personally, I use the 500g profit margin as my bottom line (on items with a high listing fee). As I figure that gives me plenty of room to play the TSM undercutting, listing, cancel and re-list game... but is that even enough for an item you may 'own' for some time... Sure gives one reason to ponder.
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