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LF Addon: Perfect Cuts

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    LF Addon: Perfect Cuts

    Well, I am looking for an Addon which helps me keep an eye on the amount of perfect cut gems in my guild bank.

    I was wondering if there is an Addon which does the following (or something similar):

    -Adds an icon or a link for the perfect version of a green cut gem next to the icon of the normal green cut gem which is in the default prfessions window.
    -The icon should display the tooltip on mouseover so I can see the amount I've stocked via Altoholic (or a similar addon)

    Does anyone know an addon like this one or something similar that helps me manage my stock of perfect cut gems?

    Atm I always search for the raw green gem using auctionator and hover over all ther perfect cut gems listed there. But that's quite time consuming...

    I hope someone can give me some tips or suggestions

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    Does Panda do this? I know it has icons/tooltips for a zillion different craftables, it might also have the perfects.

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    Nope, unfortunately Panda only has the "normal" rare cuts and the normal uncommon cuts.



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