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    Blizzard Taking a Stab at AH Bots?

    Generally, AH bot accounts will be connected to WoW through a proxy. This is obviously to mask their true location, or to bypass banned IPs.

    I've been unable to run a /auc getall without disconnecting while using a proxy since tuesday. I tested this on 2 different proxy services. Works fine without proxy.

    It would be great news if blizzard stomped on AH bots, especially for you mass glyphers out there.

    Has this happened to anyone else?
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    I've had some friends mention "AH throttling", and have experienced disconnects when using "/auc getall". I know one of these people does not use a proxy.

    I use a tunneling service to lower my ping in game for raiding, and I have yet to experience any disconnects using the "/auc getall" command.

    It's possible that the nature of my tunneling service does not effect me the same way your proxy does, however that still doesn't explain why my friend is experiencing /auc getall disconnects without using any form of proxy.
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    I get disconnects running /auc getall about once every 3 times. I am not on a proxy other than my Linksys router.

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    I believe using the /auc getall scan is usually affected by several things such as server population and direct area population, your own connection speed and your server latency / ping.

    For example I live in South Africa and play with a 512kbp/s line which max bandwidth download/upload speed is about 45kbp/s. I play with a 600-700ms speed consistently and cannot ever do an /auc getall on a high populated location. For E.G. I will ALWAYS get DCed doing it in SW and IF, but if I go to Exodar I usually don't get DCed.

    I have not heard anything recently about blizzard cracking down on ingame bots but I do know that they are being very vigilant when it comes to WoW Remote Armory bots.
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