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TSM Restock Queue help

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    TSM Restock Queue help

    Sorry in advance for what may seem like a stupid question.

    I've recently started using TSM for my gold management, inparticular, I followed the very detailed guide posted in the guide section. I just had a question about the restock queue feature.

    Basically, lets say I make 100 enchants, put them on the AH and 25 of them sell. How can I get TSM to scan my current auctions such that I only remake the 25 enchants that sold, not the entire 100 enchants (as I've still got some left on the AH).

    At the moment, I click restock queue and it gives me a list of every mat to remake the entire set of enchants when I really only want to 'restock' what was sold and ignore the enchants I'm still waiting to sell.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Hi zar,

    I believe what you are looking for are the max restock quantity.

    type "/tsm" go to your enchanting and down bottom of that go to "options".

    Inside of options there will be the max restock quanitity set that to, 1 or how ever many you want. that will change the amount it keeps before making more.

    When 25 sell, go to the auction house and scroll through your currently posted auctions. that should put into memory what has been sold and what has not.

    Click restock queue and it will only queue what is needed.

    That should answer your question if you need more help, feel free to message me.

    Cheers j311y.

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    In the crafting options settings (on the rightside, you can acess it) you need to be sure to count items on the AH and count items on the toon you are posting with.

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    Thanks so much guys. Basically I figured out that it wasn't counting any of my auctions that were on the AH as part of my stock so it thought they were all sold. You guys rule!



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